Embankment Kitchen opens at CitySuites

Embankment Kitchen opens at CitySuites

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Manchester’s food and drink scene continues to one of the fastest growing in the UK. According to the Manchester Evening News, the rate of new restaurant openings in the city is three times that of London [Manchester Evening News, March 2019]. With a whole host of dining experiences and new concepts coming to the city, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out.

Embankment Kitchen at CitySuites lies in the Manchester’s Medieval quarters which has become a modern area in the heart of the city. An area with thriving businesses and modern accommodation. Our neighbours are the city’s most recognisable destinations.

Situated on the ground floor of Manchester’s number one luxury serviced aparthotel, Embankment kitchen has the same unique and luxurious features you’ve come to expect from a stay at CitySuites. A contemporary twist to create a modern, cosy and inviting atmosphere making it the perfect place for breakfast, dinner, cocktails or simply a coffee and a catch-up.

Head Chef, Marika Healey has developed a menu filled with seasonal dishes using the freshest ingredients from carefully selected local suppliers.

From a continental breakfast buffet to a la carte options such as Eggs Benedict. Click here to explore our Breakfast menu and right here to explore our dinner menu. Have we mentioned that we also do an amazing Sunday roast, click here to see what’s on from 12:00pm every Sunday.

In our bar area we screen live football meaning you can catch all the action and explore our tempting drinks menu. From fine wines and craft ales to signature cocktails and what we believe are the best bar snacks in Manchester. Come and see for yourself…
Those staying at CitySuites are able to dine in their room if they wish, simply call down to place your order!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Embankment Kitchen, book your by following the link right here!

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