Beat the slump with an unmissable staycation deal

Beat the slump with an unmissable staycation deal

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Travel is always fun however it can also be stressful and very tiring depending on the journey to your destination. And that’s not including the stress that comes when you receive your next credit card bill on your return! As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies around the world, many travellers are cancelling planned trips and the savviest of travellers are opting for a last-minute cheap staycation in the UK. 

Travellers are seizing the opportunity to make the most of the recent deals on affordable hotel stays in some of the cities best five-star hotels. Escaping from reality with a hotel stay that might typically not be very affordable. The shifting tourism landscape means that hotels like CitySuites are shifting from ‘book in advance’ promotions to last-minute attractive offers. Prices have recently dipped but they are likely to rebound as soon as we come out of the worst of the crisis. 

Recognising that travellers are looking for more flexibility at this time, many travel providers and hotels are revising their policies making it easier to change your plans or booked trips. 

In every crisis, there’s always an opportunity. On this occasion, domestic travellers can benefit from more attractive deals across the hospitality industry. If you’re itching for a weekend getaway, especially as the kids Easter Holidays swing in from April then look no further. 

Swapping your long-haul holiday for a luxurious stay a little closer to home could mean an opportunity for guests to enjoy their favourite destination or new getaway this spring with increased flexibility and rare discounts. CitySuites rarely discounts its rates however we’re offering 30% off stays. To book click here.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing a staycation over going to somewhere exotic...The sunshine might not be guaranteed in England but there are some definite perks.

A staycation might give you a little extra ‘me time’ or ‘weekend relaxation’, gone are the days of needing a holiday to get over the holiday, jetlag and exhaustion of travelling further afield. 

Staycations are much easier to plan and you’re not to worry if your plans change. With everything that is going on in the world, it is much less stressful to be able to start planning your staycation a lot later and without having to think about flights or potentially cancelled flights. 

In response to coronavirus crisis, a lot of travellers are choosing apart-hotels over hotels as travellers are able to cook and entertain in the comfort of their own apartment. 

Plus, CitySuites offers larger apartments that sleep four, that are perfect for families seeking a home away from home.

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