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Aparthotel vs Hotel


Do you regularly run the risk of staining those crisp white hotel bedsheets with your takeaway? Sick of your whole room revolving around a bed without separate spaces for you to work, eat and relax? We know exactly how you feel, and you’ll be pleased to know that CitySuites offers the convenience of home with the elegant luxury of a 5-star hotel.


If you’re like us, you plan your day around when you’re going to eat! With a hotel you’re often restricted to a couple of hours at the crack of dawn if you want to get your hands on the breakfast you’ve already paid for. But, who wants to be getting up early, especially if you’re on holiday or have the pleasure of flexible working hours. Eating out becomes obligatory as opposed to a pleasure and as much as we love restaurants, the cost can quickly add up.  

With an aparthotel like CitySuites, you have the option of breakfast served from 7am all the way up until 11am or, at your disposal is a fully-equipped kitchen for those mornings where you’d rather whip up something yourself and play the role of the naked chef.

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City centre hotels usually lack the luxuries you’ve come to expect from stays abroad, but we don’t see why that should be the case. CitySuites is located in the heart of Manchester city centre and offers the city’s only 18m swimming pool and jacuzzi. Aparthotels such as ourselves offer the convenience of home with the luxuries you’ve come to expect from five-star hotels.

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Space to live…

Want to work in your hotel room? You’ll either need to sit on the bed or squeeze around it to get to the tiny corner desk. Want to chill out on a sofa and sit back with a full Sky+ HD package? Want to whip yourself up a quick cooked meal and sit at a designated dining table? Good luck with that. At CitySuites, our thoughtfully designed Studio apartments are packed with practical features, made up of a distinct kitchen, living and sleeping area complete with premium furnishings.

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When you’re away for business or for pleasure, you should be able to dictate your own schedule. When staying at a hotel, not only do you have to rise at a certain time to be up for breakfast, you’re also wary of that knock at the door for your room to be serviced. Not up before a certain time? You’re sat in that mess for another day or two… With a serviced apartment you’re far less likely to be bothered which is just the way it should be at your home away from home.

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Staying social or isolation…

Hotels can be busy places where there’s constant movement on the corridors, the hustle and busty can disrupt your workflow or if you’re keeping to a particular time zone, your sleeping pattern. With this, the temptation to stay away from it all in your room rises but hotel rooms can quickly become lonely places.

At CitySuites, our executive lounge offers a space to work as well as a place to socialise. With monthly social events, a running club and more, CitySuites gives you the opportunity to form friendships and to socialise on those extended stays away from home.

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