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Embankment Kitchen's New Bar & Grill Menu


Introducing our exquisite bar and grill menu at Embankment Kitchen.

Our carefully crafted menu is designed to offer a delightful culinary experience for visitors of Manchester, as well as CitySuites guests. With a selection of flavourful dishes such as juicy burgers, perfectly seared steaks, and crispy fries, to more indulgent options like fresh seafood, our menu is a tantalising option for an evening out. 

Read more to learn about our new menu at Embankment Kitchen, and more about our chefs who created and designed these dishes.

Embankment Kitchen Manchester Menu February 2023 07

Our New Menu

This menu offers a range of dishes made to delight the senses. Food that looks great, smells divine and tastes spectacular is the perfect way to describe our new selection.

We understand that everyone has different taste preferences and dietary needs, which is why we offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a variety of spice levels to satisfy every palate. 

Whether you're catching up with friends, enjoying a romantic date, or simply indulging in a night out, our bar and grill menu is the perfect accompaniment to your evening. So, come join us and experience the perfect blend of sophistication and fun.

View the new menu here.

New Starts & Small Plates


Embankment Kitchen’s new starter plates and nibbles combine dishes that are both easy to order and packed with flavour. These plates are perfect to start your meal right.

Highlights include tempura king prawns and sticky glazed pork belly

New Mains 

Half Roasted Chicken Ek (1)

Indulge in our greatest selection of delicious mains from the new menu. With succulent burgers, juicy steaks, delectable pasta and flavourful pizzas, guests will have a grand time choosing from our bar and grill selection. Using great quality ingredients, every dish is made from scratch in the kitchen and seasoned to perfection.

Notable highlights of our new menu include our ½ roast chargrilled chicken and the EK burger.  

New Desserts


A list of heavenly desserts is now available. Opting for simplicity and taste over complexity, the new desserts listed on the new menu are made to be enjoyable for everyone looking to visit Embankment Kitchen. 

For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts have also been given the flavour treatment. The EK classic sticky toffee pudding comes with butterscotch sauce, while the elderflower and lemon poached pear is served with honeycomb, lemon sorbet and vanilla cream. 

We have an assortment of desserts suitable for all taste buds, including our chocolate brownie and strawberry and clotted cream cheesecake. 

Check out Embankment Kitchen’s new bar & grill menu today. 

Behind the scenes of our new menu.

Our expert chefs create our dishes using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, making each dish unforgettable.

We spoke to our head chef Joshua Singleton to learn more about the new menu.

Ek Headchef Josh S

What makes this new menu stand out from the previous menu in the Embankment Kitchen?

With this new menu, we’ve focused on mixing ingredients from around the world and enhancing the flavour, rather than fancy plating and unnecessary purees. That process of getting people’s taste buds popping is something I think about whenever I create my menus. 

Before we did something between Italian and modern British dishes. Now that we’re going towards a bar and grill menu, it’s all down to the prep and the recipes rather than the actual service.


I think it’s got to be the half-roast chargrilled chicken, it’s just colourful. It’s really colourful, looks good, and it’s really tasty - the base of its garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon juice, lime juice and white wine. 

We’ve also got a mixture of spices to make a dry rub for the chicken as well. 

Would you say that there’s an overall favourite so far?


Is there anything else you can tell us about any upcoming dishes that the chefs want to make?

We plan to bring in some of the finer elements through our weekly specials. I want the chefs to get creative, so we’ll be focusing more on the technical ability in the kitchen by bringing in exciting and fun ingredients.


Yes. For the chicken, I’d probably recommend a white wine. The acidity of the marinade and spices go quite well with white wine. And for our steaks, you can’t beat a red wine pairing. 

Do you have any recommendations on paired drinks for guests that want to try the new menu?

Embankment Kitchen: Manchester’s Luxury Aparthotel Restaurant

Embankment Kitchen has continuously evolved its guest menu to create an enjoyable selection of dishes. 

Looking to spend a luxurious afternoon meal in Manchester? Explore the lavish range of Embankment Kitchen’s new menu. 

Will you be trying out the new menu? 

Embankment Kitchen’s new bar and grill menu launches on Wednesday 22nd February. The kitchen will be open Wednesday through to Saturday, with food served from 5pm.

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