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ESG Report For 2022: CitySuites' Environmental Achievement


In 2021 and 2022, CitySuites has brought down our emissions impact through renewable electricity procurement, balancing ongoing emissions with removals. In 2023, we've evaluated our direct emissions and have appointed a number of resources to ensure our carbon footprint is lessened. 

Through maintaining 100% renewable electricity, combined with enhanced energy reporting, we strive to continue lowering our carbon intensity ratio by a further 5% in 2023. 

This blog showcases CitySuites' strong environmental contributions to Manchester's sustainable goals.

Environmental ESG Objectives for 2023 


Looking forward, we want to highlight our Environmental ESG objectives for 2023, driving better energy use, and reducing waste and carbon intensity ratio. Our objectives are highlighted below:

To lower the carbon intensity ratio by 5% in 2023.

Maintain 100% of waste diverted from landfill and reduce total waste by 5%.

Continue to procure 100% renewable electricity.

Explore onsite energy generation at CitySuites' properties.

Assess the impact of energy reduction initiatives against monthly consumption data.


The full ESG report in 2022 is available for viewing.

CitySuites' Emission Count In 2022 

Our ESG report indicates a significant decrease in our total emissions in 2022 - a close estimate of around 7% (-20.7 tCO2e) in our direct emissions. 

This reduction was replicated across our carbon intensity ratio, with a 7.3% decline surpassing our target to reduce our intensity ratio by 5% in 2022. As mentioned, we continue to lower our carbon intensity ratio by a further 5% in 2023. 

Carbon Offsets In 2022 

In 2022, we were involved in two major projects globally, proudly retaining our carbon-neutral status through investing in independently verified renewal and regeneration projects. 

Wind Power Project, Gujarat, India


City Suites 2022V7


The project consists of a wind farm in Gujarat, India, which produces more sustainable energy for the region. The clean energy generated helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions - with an estimated reduction of 326,203 tCO2e every year. 

CitySuites invested in this project to ensure clean energy is consistently generated within the area. The project has yielded diverse benefits that both directly and indirectly affected the community in a positive way. 

The practical benefits include increased employment, help with poverty, and improved infrastructure across the region. 

Musi River Hydro, Sumatra, Indonesia


A run-of-river hydroelectricity plant has been developed on the upper banks of the Musi River, Sumatra. The plant has a total capacity of 210 MW installed, which delivers over 765,000 MWh.

The project not only helps with renewable energy but also improves the reforestation of around 20 hectares (previously cut down for firewood). 

With CitySuites investing in the project, we were able to help foster sustainable development opportunities, create quality jobs for the local area, layout affordable and clean energy, and invest back in the local community.

CitySuites' Direct Sustainable Contributions

In 2022, we have created substantial changes to our own building's infrastructure to ensure we reduce the risk of damage to the environment - as well as our focus on the implementation of renewable energy. 


Energy efficiency at CitySuites 

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting everyone in the UK, requirements for lower-cost energy supplies have become an urgent matter. 

CitySuites is proud to have procured 100% renewable electricity since 2021, which was installed in our heated pools, rooms, lighting, and other applications. Investing in energy projects such as CapEx also enhanced our energy efficiency, installing combined heat and power systems in both CitySuites I and II. 

Additionally, all lighting is now fitted with low-energy LED lightbulbs, saving 5kg more of CO2 emissions. This goes for all CitySuites properties, which are both buildings, Embankment Kitchen and Embankment Cafe Co. 

Water resources

While water usage was increased in 2022, we are currently pursuing ways to minimise usage this year to ensure reduced water wastage. At this time, we've fitted blue water restrictors in each property - reducing water flow to six litres per minute - a 33% reduction across our basin taps and showers. 

Waste management 

CitySuites has committed to reducing waste streams such as single-use plastics, thrown-away foods, etc. 100% of our waste is diverted from landfill and all waste is segregated on site, with a tri-separator for all general waste, cardboard and glass bottles. 

Rethinking single-use plastics aligns with our guests' attitudes towards sustainable efforts, which CitySuites accommodates. Using minimal plastics in our operations as part of the waste management structure for the building, affecting our use of cutlery, glasses and crockery, eliminating the need for single-use plastics. 

Recyclable and reusable bottles, eco-friendly cups, and washable laundry bags have also been used to ensure minimised wastage. 

Lastly, food waste management - around 0.78 million metric tons of food waste by the hospitality and food service industry in 2018, and CitySuites take careful measures to minimise food waste. All food waste onsite is segregated and then collected by our waste provider for recycling. Other direct contributions include partnering with a food waste app "Too Good To Go" and the initiative of having our cooking oil waste collected by Olleco - which converts the oil into biofuel. 



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