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A Family-Friendly Itinerary in Manchester for April


With the upcoming Easter bank holidays, families all over the nation (as well as outside of the UK) are already looking for places to visit. It can be difficult to find an unforgettable experience for the whole family. But, do you know what area in the UK is perfect for family outings? Manchester takes the crown! 

That's right, this Easter bank holiday, there are already lots of events happening in Easter this year. But at CitySuites we understand that planning can be difficult too. This is why we've created our own itinerary for families this coming April. With the upcoming bank holidays, and not to mention warmer weather, April is looking to be a great month for your family in the city.

We've created what your Manchester itinerary might look like. Take inspiration from our selection below, and we can guarantee an excellent time in the city.

Family Shows


The Jungle Book Show

Date: Apr 2 2023

Times: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Cost: £16.50

This April, expect a magical theatre at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse; The Jungle Book Show! 

In this exciting play, Mowgli learns the laws and principles in the jungle from the friendly Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther. In order to survive, Mowgli must brave the perils and pitfalls of the animal kingdom, with the danger of the fearsome Shere Khan always nearby. 

Stuart Paterson's rendition of Kipling's "The Jungle Book" is a vibrant reimagining of the beloved literature for the whole family. 

Mog The Forgetful Cat

Date: April 4 - April 8 2023

Times: Varying times

Cost: £18

Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr gets a complete theatrical makeover as the book makes it to the Lowry Theatre this April. 

Mog is a lovable, forgetful cat - to the point where she's already forgotten that she's eaten supper! Mog and the Thomases embark on a journey through one year of the cat's exciting life. Watch as she catches a burglar, disturbs a cat show, and eats lots of eggs (and eats more when she forgets). 

A fun and fantastic show for your kids to enjoy during April. Get your tickets now! 


Manchester's Local Family Events & Festivals

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Peter The Rabbit Family Fun Day

Date: April 9 - April 10 2023 

Times: Varying times

Cost: £15 - £16

This Easter holiday, kids can greet Peter the Rabbit as the lovable character visits the Bury Transport Museum for two days in an event called "Peter The Rabbit Family Fun Day!".

Peter the Rabbit is widely known as a mischievous little rabbit from Beatrix Potter's literature "Peter Rabbit". This adventurous individual has made it on the shelves of many family homes and primary schools across the country due to the friendly themes and elements of the book. 

There will be great features included, such as theme park rides, craft activities, and face painters. 

Easter Holiday Music Club

Date: April 12 

Times: 8:45am - 5:30pm

Cost: £110 for all 4 days

Altrincham's Aura Music Academy is holding an Easter holiday music club for children aged 5 to 16 years old.

Join the club for a week of whimsical activities, including singing, acting, crafts, games and much more! With wraparound care available for a minimal fee - from 8:45am to 5:30pm. Get your children in the Easter mood at Aura's Music Academy! 


Shopping For The Whole Family

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Arndale Centre

Arndale Centre is located right at the centre of Manchester city. 

With various shops available for the family, from well-known branded shops such as Apple and All-Saints, to great eats in the Arndale Market or cantene. 

Arndale is a fairly big shopping centre - and what's better is that there are also additional experiences within (and around) the Arndale centre for the family to enjoy. This includes a Build-a-Bear workshop, the Immersive Gamebox, and much more! 

Trafford Centre

Trafford Centre is located within the Trafford area, and is home to some of the most high-end shopping experiences in Manchester overall. 

Trafford is considered one of Manchester's premier shopping destination mainly due to its designer boutiques and high-street shops. You'll find everything you need for a day's worth of shopping, whether you're looking for stylish or designer-branded wear. You can also expect additional services including an IMAX cinema, spa services, premium dining options and entertainment venues. 

Visit Trafford Centre for a deluxe shopping experience! 


Outdoor Activities In Manchester For The Kids


Spring Crafternoon

Date: April 7, 2023

Times: Contact for time

Cost: Contact for cost

Our Kids Social is having an exclusive spring-themed afternoon - called Spring Crafternoon!

Kids will learn to make spring animal characters for mobile decoration, as well as other great creations such as bunny masks, pom poms and paper flowers. 

Make your kid's day with a social event tailored for Easter this April! 

Nature Kids At The Hive

Date: April 13, 2023

Times: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm 

Cost: £3 - £8

Are your kids a fan of nature or the outdoors? The Hive in Bolton is hosting a fun session for children that are into wildlife and other outdoor activities; Nature Kids at the Hive!

This event will deliver a variety of great activities such as building habitats for wildlife, a spot of gardening or planting, and crafting - and an additional feast of treats and a fire at the end. 

Book your tickets for Nature Kids sessions today! 


Tourist Guide for Families in Manchester

What's an itinerary without a proper plan? If you're travelling to Manchester this April, it will make things easier if you have a solid plan in place, especially if you're travelling with family! 


There are lots of discounts, recommended routes and transport, and essential contacts to keep in mind when you're with going to Manchester for a family holiday. There are lots to keep up with, but we're here to break it down. 

Tips for travelling with kids

Depending on where you're coming from, there are lots of ways you can make trip easier when travelling with children. It's no shock that taking a holiday anywhere with kids can be difficult at certain times, but don't worry as there are different ways to mitigate your stress!

Sign up for deals and offers

It's not a bad idea to sign up for any discounts or deals when you're travelling. Trainline, for example, has a "Family & Friends Railcard" discount that can be used for up to four adults and four children (5 to 15 years old). 

This will make your trip much easier when it comes to booking trains to Manchester. 

Pay extra for good gear

Good gear means fewer worries about your bags, clothes or travel items being broken. Investing in good gear will make things easier when we're talking about travelling with kids to Manchester. High-quality gear during a plane ride, for example, can mean maximum comfort for your entire family. 

Bring some snacks!

If you're travelling far from Manchester, it's a good idea to bring snacks with you. When it comes to road trips, for example, you'll never know when the next meal might be if you're unfamiliar with the route. 

A few crisps or fruit bars to keep your children happy can make a world of a difference during your trip. 

Weather in Manchester in April

If you're not from the UK, then you might have already heard people that have visited (or lived in) the country that the weather is quite inconsistent.

While that may be true to some extent, it doesn't mean that places in the UK are never worth visiting. In fact, we would go further to even say that the rain makes some places more endearing! 

Manchester's weather in April is generally an improvement compared to previous months. The temperature throughout the month on average is around 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit), with the highest being 12°C (54°F) and the lowest being 4°C (39°F). 

It's impossible to know which days will have rain in April, but with the temperature rising throughout April, it's likely that time spent within Manchester will be less difficult. 

BBC's weather report for Manchester will have daily updates on the current and upcoming weather conditions in the city centre (and beyond). So keep an eye out when you can!

Contacts for emergencies in Manchester

In the event of an emergency, it's good to understand what contacts there are in Manchester to acquire help. You'll need the standard contacts such as your accommodation's number or your airport's number, but there are also local lines you'll want to remember in case of high-alert emergencies. 

For emergencies regarding injuries or body damage, 999 will be the best number to call. 

Other numbers you'll want to keep in hand are accommodation contacts, tourist information, your travel agency and your families' numbers too. 

Transportation tips for families in Manchester

Transport in Manchester is vast. You have your standard buses and trams, but you can also get around easily via E-scooters and bikes that you can rent out. 

It's important to understand how and where transport systems go in Manchester to make sure you can travel around easily - and we've made this easier by creating a blog for Manchester's transport guide.

But when it comes to getting your family around Manchester, here are our quick tips. 

Don't be afraid to ask around!

Manchester is a friendly city, and if you need to ask what bus, tram, or train goes to a specific place, it won't hurt to ask people near you. The worst-case scenario is they won't know where to go, but it's worth getting information from a local that knows the place! 

Download the apps

A couple of transportation options in Manchester require apps to use (such as the "Lime" App for E-scooters and "Bee Network" app for bikes), but the correct apps can also highlight the route schedule of your chosen transport. Stagecoach, the Metrolink and Go North West are some of the most known apps for identifying transport schedules.

Where to stay

Staying in Manchester is always recommended, as you'll need more than just a day to fully explore this gem of a city. 

With that said, there are plenty of places to stay in Manchester that you can pick from. 


An aparthotel provides a homely feel during your stay, while delivering on the beneficial amenities of a hotel. Aparthotels are quite rare in cities, but we can vouch for our luxury apartments at CitySuites. If you and your family are staying in Manchester overnight on a weekend or throughout the weekday, you can't go wrong with CitySuites' family apartment selection

Airbnb for families 

Airbnb rentals are scattered across Manchester city centre (and Greater Manchester too), and are ideal for those travelling in groups.

Local hotels 

If you want something consistent, then a local hotel will be ideal to book. They're generally within the city centre itself so you'll be a walk away from everything else! 


Why You Should Consider CitySuites In Your Itinerary

CitySuites is ideal for families that want the whole package during their stay.

Citysuites II Manchester 026

 Are you looking for accommodation that can provide amenities for relaxing? We provide a pool area that has both an indoor and spa pool for your family.

Want a stay that offers breakfast? Our exclusive restaurant Embankment Kitchen has a fantastic breakfast option which you can book during your stay. 

Our family apartments also have options for various homely amenities, including smart TVs (offering Netflix and others), modern shower rooms and kitchens. 

Enjoy Your Stay In Manchester! 

We hope you take some inspiration from this family itinerary we've created for visitors going to Manchester. And take our word for it, we've only highlighted a fraction of what your family can get up to this April. 

Regardless of what you do, you can expect a great stay. Manchester is a bustling city that's filled with personality. Whether you want something adventurous or relaxed, the city has something for any family visiting. 

Plan your Manchester itinerary for this April today! 


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