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Football Galore: Upcoming Matches To Watch In Manchester This Year


Manchester is a city that is deeply intertwined with the sport of football. The game was first introduced to Manchester in the late 19th century, and since then it has grown to become an integral part of the city's culture and identity. Manchester is home to two of the most successful football clubs in the world, Manchester United and Manchester City, and has produced some of the most iconic players in football history.

Manchester is a city melded with various cultures such as theatre, international dining, and sport. 

It's widely known for its football scene, with its first-ever game played in the 19th century. Manchester has had a long history with football since then, steadily growing to become an important part of the city's identity. 

This year, there are exciting matches involving Manchester and its two colossal football teams; Manchester United and Manchester City. In this post, we offer a breakdown of the upcoming matches fans can expect in the city. 

Table of Contents

  1. Manchester's Football Teams
  2. Manchester United Football Club - Upcoming Matches
  3. Manchester City Football Club - Upcoming Matches
  4. Greater Manchester Football Clubs - Upcoming Matches
  5. A Guide to Football Leagues
  6. Other Football Events in Manchester

Manchester's Football Teams

Manchester United


Manchester United Football Club (MUFC), nicknamed "Red Devils", is one of the city's popular football teams - gathering fans from across the globe. 

They are identifiable by their distinct red jerseys and have won the English top-division league championship with a record of 20 times, as well as the Football Association (FA) Cup 12 times. 

Producing some of the greatest talents in football history - including Bobby Charlton, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, MUFC has garnered an energetic, loyal fanbase that captures the spirit of football. 

Manchester City


Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), or "Man City" established their roots back in 1894 in East Manchester and is also one of the city's popular football teams. 

The club is one of the most successful and lasting football clubs in English football, winning several English league titles (including FA and European Cups). 

Man City is also known for gathering some of the best players in football, including Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez, Yaya Toure and David Silva. With a passionate fanbase on a global scale, MCFC has become a symbol of football. 

Greater Manchester's Football Teams


football-team-practicing- with-slalom-cones



Stockport County Football Club

Stockport County Football Club is a professional football club based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Founded in 1883, the club has had a long and storied history of playing in the top tier of English football back in the 20th early century. 

The club has garnered the same, passionate fanbase that other well-known teams have acquired throughout its time - holding a capacity of over 10,000 spectators on average in its home matches at Edgely Park.

Salford Football Club

Salford City Football Club is an English professional football club in Salford, Greater Manchester - founded back in 1940. 

This club gained significant attention when it was taken over by a group of MUFC players including Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, but the new owners invested heavily club which eventually led to a rapid rise up the leagues back in 2014. 

Manchester United Football Club - Upcoming Matches





In 2023, there are some heated matches set with Manchester United. Below is an updated list of matches with MUFC. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dates are subject to change. This post will be updated monthly to accommodate any potential changes in matches, including changes in dates, times, venues, and so on. 

MUFC VS Nottingham Forest - 16th April, 16:30 

MUFC VS Sevilla - 20th April, 20:00 

MUFC VS Chelsea - TBD

MUFC VS Brighton - 23rd April, 16:30 

MUFC VS Tottenham - 27th April, 20:15 

MUFC VS Aston Villa - 30th April, 14:00 

MUFC VS West Ham - 7th May, 19:00 

MUFC VS Wolverhampton FC - 13th May, 15:00

MUFC VS Bournemouth - 20th May, 15:00

MUFC VS Fulham - 28th May, 16:30

MUFC VS Wrexham - 26th July, 02:30

Notable matches against MUFC in 2023


MUFC vs. Chelsea

This match-up is an intense one as MUFC and Chelsea have been two of the most successful English football clubs recently. For the last twenty years, the two clubs have shared 14 Premier League titles, 3 Champions Leagues, 9 FA Cups and 8 League Cups. 

The success of each club can justify the heated rivalry between the two, with both lifting respected trophies in the modern era. Who could forget the iconic penalty between the two teams during their Champions League game in 2008 in Moscow? The rivalry between the two has been energetic ever since. 

MUFC vs. West Ham 

While not as significant as Chelsea, West Ham vs MUFC has had a long history between them.

Dating back to the 1960s, MUFC was one of the top teams in the country along with West Ham United. Regardless of the lack of competition between them, both teams always contest with each other in a fierce way, eager to secure both bragging rights and staking their claim as the top team in the country.

MUFC vs. Tottenham 

The competition between Tottenham and MUFC occurs both on-field and off-field, with the most recent rivalry fueled by high-profile matches (Manchester United's 2-1 win, for example, in the 2018-2019 season). 

It's an ideal match to spectate live as the roaring energy between fans spark an intense competition between the two teams!

Manchester City Football Club - Upcoming Matches

Similarly, MCFC also has some. Below is an updated list of matches with MUFC. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dates are subject to change. This post will be updated monthly to accommodate any potential changes in matches, including changes in dates, times, venues, and so on. 

MCFC VS Bayern Munich - 11th April, 20:00 & 19th April, 20:00 

MCFC VS Leicester City - 15th April, 17:30 

MCFC VS Sheffield United - 22nd April, 16:45 

MCFC VS Brighton - TBD 

MCFC VS Arsenal - 26th April, 20:00

MCFC VS Fulham - 30th April, 14:00 

MCFC VS West Ham - 3rd May, 20:00 

MCFC VS Leeds United - 7th May, 14:00 

MCFC VS Everton - 14th May, 14:00 

MCFC VS Chelsea - 20th May, 15:00 

MCFC VS Brentford - 28th May, 16:30 

Notable matches against MCFC in 2023


MCFC VS Bayern Munich

This is a highly anticipated matchup as both are considered to be Europe's biggest teams. Bayern Munich has been one of the most successful clubs in Europe, while Manchester City has steadily risen as a dominant club in recent years. 

With the skills and well-known talent of both teams, there is sure to be consistent hype and rivalry among fans between MCFC and Bayern Munich.

Man City's recent win against Bayern Munich (3-0) means that the 2nd leg match will be electric. 

MCFC VS Arsenal 

MCFC and Arsenal have had a longstanding rivalry. Since their first match, the two teams have faced each other in a total of 188 league matches, with Arsenal hoping for a first league title since 2004. While Arsenal has faced some struggles in recent years, this game will surely generate lots of fierce rivalry between both players and fans alike. 

MCFC VS Leicester City 

Leicester City has had numerous games where they played efficiently, (such as Leicester's four goals against Aston Villa in March 2020) consistently finishing in the top half of all matches. Manchester City, at this time, has been their biggest competition in recent years, generating a lot of rivalry between fans and the teams.

Greater Manchester Football Clubs - Upcoming Matches





Exciting fixtures are in place this year in League Two, as Salford City and Stockport County work their way through the league. Below is an updated list of matches with MUFC. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dates are subject to change. This post will be updated monthly to accommodate any potential changes in matches, including changes in dates, times, venues, and so on. 

Salford City VS Leyton Orient - 7th April 

Salford City VS AFC Wimbledon - 10th April 

Stockport County VS Newport County - 10th April 

Salford City VS Colchester - 15th April 

Stockport County VS Gillingham - 15th April

Salford City VS Hartlepool - 18th April

Stockport County VS Carlisle - 18th April 

Salford City VS Walsall - 22nd April 

Stockport County VS Rochdale - 22nd April 

Salford City VS Carlisle - 29th April 

Stockport County VS Leyton Orient - 29th April 

Salford City VS Gillingham - 8th May

Stockport County VS Hartlepool - 8th May 

A Guide to Football Leagues

For those who might not be too familiar with England's football league system, this is a method of organising future football matches into different tiers. 





Let's look at the diverse tiers of leagues, from the highest to the lowest. 

1. Premier League

The Premier League contains around 20 clubs, which are all considered to be the best in the country. 

2. The English Football League 

The second tier of the league pyramid is the English Football League (EFL), consisting of 24 teams. These teams are all official, but are generally not as known as the teams in the Premier League. 

The top two teams each season are then promoted to the Premier League playoffs, while the bottom three plays within the third tier: The Championship

3. League One

The third tier of the league system, League One consists of 24 teams. The top two teams that win will advance to the EFL, while the bottom three go to Tier 4, League Two. 

4. League Two 

The fourth tier of professional football in England consists of 24 teams. The top three teams that win will advance to League One, while the bottom two are relegated to Tier 5. 

5. The National League 

The National League mostly consists of semi-professional teams, with some full-time professionals. However, the top team will advance to League Two - with the bottom four relegated to The North & South National League. These are lower-level leagues that commonly cater to smaller locations within the UK. 

6. The North & South National League 

The North & South National League consists of semi-professional teams competing to get into the higher tiers of football.

The English football league is a hierarchical pyramid system, allowing teams to advance or move down the mentioned tiers based on their play. The competitive environment has also created an intense atmosphere of rivalry between several teams, consistently fighting for the higher tiers of football.

There are 24 levels in the system (and an estimated 7,000 teams) that always looks to compete to get into the bigger leagues. 

Other Football Events in Manchester




England VS. Northern Macedonia

One of the most anticipated games happening in Manchester is the EURO Qualifiers at Old Trafford - England VS. Macedonia. 

This home match will see England play against North Macedonia in Qualifying Group C. 

This game is expected to be a massive match, with the nation in full support of England proceeding to the next stage of the UEFA EUROs. With collective passion felt across the nation, England VS North Macedonia is set to be one of the biggest games this year. 

Manchester Remembers Charity Football Match (2023)

According to Manchester World, Manchester Remembers Charity Football will take place on the 7th of May, at Oldham's Athletic's Boundary Park ground (with kick-off at 3 pm). 

This event was initially a one-off match marking the fifth anniversary of the appalling bomb attack on Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena. 

The match consists of football legends and celebrities once again in a head-to-head match with the goal of raising money for charities connected to the victims of the mentioned event. 

Free Museum Tours at National Football Museum

You can learn more about Manchester's history of football through the free museum tours they offer in their building. 

The guided tours will take you through the museum, highlighting notable displays and all the fascinating narratives behind them. 

You'll also find some of the museum's biggest highlights - including the museum's crown jewels, a guide through Manchester's century of football history, and more! 

Soccer Aid for UNICEF in 2023

Watch as the likes of Tommy Fury, Liam Payne, Bugzy Malone and Usain Bolt compete in Soccer Aid this 2023. 

Soccer Aid for UNICEF is a celebrity football match raising money to give kids the best start in life. Created by Robbie Williams back in 2006, the match is usually filled with good energy across the nation, as the game is created ultimately for a great cause. 

The match is lined-up with notable celebrities, and is set to be played at Old Trafford in Manchester!


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