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Pre-Travel Checklist: Guides & Tips Packing For Your Holiday


A holiday shouldn't be stressful, but packing can be one of the most stressful tasks we need to do pre-travel.


Truth be told, when you pack your luggage right, it's one less worry before you go on your way. Here at CitySuites, we want to give you tips on what you need to do to make your packing more efficient.

Holiday Packing Tips



Less is more 

Pack your essentials, clothing, and anything you may need for your health! The rest, you can likely get to where you're going. The lighter your load, the better your preparation will be.

Think about what's included in your accommodation

If you're going to stay in holiday accommodation, chances are that whatever you're planning on bringing - they'll already have! 

Things like hairdryers, soaps and so on, are likely included in most accommodation types (at the very least at CitySuites). 

Leave your towel

Piggybacking off the previous entries, don't bring a towel. They're fairly cheap to buy, and just take up space in your luggage anyway. And, again, they're likely included in most accommodations like CitySuites.

Consider packing cubes

Packing cubes utilise every inch of space available in a suitcase. Packing cubes work like you're fitting Tetris pieces into luggage, which avoids having your clothes and various items in one bag. Instead, all your items are neatly packed into individual cubes, saving you the hassle of creased clothing and providing the benefit of optimised space.

Roll or fold your clothes


Folding clothes creates a lot more space in your luggage - rolling them can also do the same job. This is especially true if you're planning on bringing heavier clothes such as a coat or sweater. 

Keep a medical kit 

A medical kit should be considered for any type of travel. Ensure you have a kit that contains all of your essential medications, neatly packed in a container. Ideally, your medical kit should be in your hand luggage, so you can access it easily.

Carefully distribute light and heavy items

Pack your light items and, if possible, keep heavier items on you. For example, if you're going somewhere cold like Denmark or Scotland, definitely wear your coat and sweater to reduce your luggage's weight! And for any liquids, keep them in a ziplock bag in your carry-on.

Carry a reusable water bottle

Keep yourself hydrated with a reusable water bottle. Most places now have usable water fountains to fill up your bottle quickly, so having a reusable bottle for water will be extremely helpful.

A scarf will go a long way

If you're travelling by plane, things can get quite chilly. Take a scarf with you - not only are they stylish, but can help you warm up during colder seasons.  

Holiday Packing Checklist 



Our phones are used for photography, communication, and guidance for most things. This is why you must bring a charger with you when you're on your way to your holiday.

Plug converter

Heading somewhere abroad? A plug converter is something you'll most likely need. Thankfully, there are universal plugs that you can purchase in various places like airports and retail stores.

Power bank 

If you're going to be out and about, we can't recommend bringing a power bank enough. It'll save your phone's battery when you need it most!

Emergency contacts

Ensure you can get in touch with important contacts such as emergency services, people you know, your accommodation, and so on.



Passports and licenses are important if you want to return home!

What To Pack For A City Break


A city break is a perfect choice for a holiday. There are lots of food, sights, history and attractions to experience in major cities around the world, so pack correctly to maximise your days away from home. 

Pack a raincoat or collapsable umbrella

Catching the rain is hardly pleasant, so make sure you pack a suitable coat - or at least a small umbrella to fit in your carry-on. You never know when rain will hit. 

Spare cash in your destination's currency

While most countries use contactless payments, packing emergency cash can help you out of any rut you find yourself in.

Bring a language book 

Depending on where you go, it might be useful to pack a language book for the country you're visiting. It goes a long way when you can utter certain words (like "yes" and "no") and phrases (like "thank you" and questions) in the local language.

Your student card

If you're a student going on a holiday, do bring your student card. In most cities, students can get a few discounts from bars, events, and attractions. It can't hurt to check! 

How To Pack For A Family 


Packing for the family can be daunting because there's lots to keep in mind. But we believe that tackling the important things will make packing for your family holiday easier.

Use a pill organiser

If anyone requires medicine during your trip, a pill organiser will go a long way in helping display the pills effectively. 

Pack children's clothes separately in your hand luggage

You never know when your child might need to have a quick change of clothes. Pack a shirt, trousers, and delicates in case it's needed.

Pack a first-aid kit

In case of emergencies, a first-aid kit is a lifesaver in any situation - especially when it comes to your family. Better to be safe than never, so pack a first-aid kit before your trip. 

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