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10 Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Spots In Manchester


The city boasts a healthy number of venues, spots and attractions that openly welcome and celebrate LGBTQ+ and the achievements acquired throughout the years. 

Manchester overall is a welcoming city with a strong LGBTQ+ history around every neighbourhood. Are you looking to find spots that 

How Welcoming Is Manchester?


Outside of UK's capital London, Manchester has the largest LGBTQ+ community, with a thriving scene in the world-famous Canal Street. 

With a large annual Pride parade celebrating the community's achievements and numerous LGBTQ+friendly venues in the city, there's no other city better to explore than Manchester.

LGBTQ+ Spots In Manchester To Explore


Canal Street 

Canal Street is the beacon that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. With vibrant nightclubs, restaurants, bars and pubs, the village welcomes all LGBTQ members within and outside of Manchester.

Canal Street includes the likes of Coyotes Bar, G-A-Y, and the entire block of Gay Village. 

Richmond's Tea Rooms 

Richmond Tea Rooms mimics the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic, providing an inspired afternoon tea in a fantastical setting. 

Various events including a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Burlesque shows are also included! 

New York New York

The beating heart of Manchester's Gay Village, New York New York is a venue known for its dancing nights.

With an ideal coffee and cocktail bar open from 1 pm every day, and a main room with a DJ that opens from 8 pm (where events take place), the party palace is one of the best clubs to go to. 

It's a place that hosts themed nights and charity events, a safe place that allows you to be whoever you want to be. 


Sackville Gardens 

Sackville Gardens is a small park that features a memorial for Alan Turing, as well as an ideal space for relaxation and reflection if required. 

It's one of the most popular green spaces available within the city - a place where green parks are sadly too few. Regardless, it's a perfect place that celebrates Alan Turing, a gay man who despite contributing well to the Second World War, was prosecuted for "homosexual acts". 

Afflecks Palace 

Known as a haven for independent shops and shoppers, Afflecks is placed in the Northern Quarter.

Including queer-friendly, all-gender shops such as "The Queer Book Shop", "The Gay Pride Shop" and others, Afflecks contains a tonne of must-see retail stores with an inclusive space. 


Manchester's Museums

The vast number of museums in Manchester has often delivered art galleries and exhibitions that discussed topics surrounding LGBTQIA+. 

This year, Whitworth Gallery is hosting an exhibition highlighted as "(Un)Defining Queer" which looks into how we can define the term "queer". 

Supplemented by additional events (such as Pride Poetry and Queery Theor Reading Groups), Whitworth Gallery as well as other museums, are fantastic ways to explore the LGBTQ+ culture in Manchester.

The Molly House 

Beautifully decorated and comfortably made, The Molly House sits right at the heart of the Gay Village - offering an alternative experience for the community. 

Expect a lovely selection of cocktails, tea, beers and more. During the night, you can also enjoy Molly House's wine-bar atmosphere, a relaxing night from a venue that welcomes everybody!

Bar Pop 

Bar Pop, the heartbeat of Canal Street, is an outstanding spot for LGBTQ+ visitors to Manchester. Delivering cabaret shows and drag brunches, visitors can choose to dress up every Saturday night and let loose in an incredible night of fun and excitement. 


Theatres and Venues

Theatres and venues that offer productions such as plays and musicals are high in number when it comes to Manchester. Not a player that can compete with London's West End by any means, but it also provides a fantastic range of theatrical content.

For instance, in 2023, The Lowry (a theatre not too far from the city) is showing Everybody's Talking About Jamie - a brilliant musical with a catchy original score and a story that overcomes hardships.


HOME is a fantastic venue that showcases a range of artistic disciplines, from independent films to story-driven theatre shows. This space often showcases LGBTQ+ artists, too, presenting lots of important queer-themed shows within its lineup. 

There are lots of LGBTQ+friendly spots in Manchester. Think of this as our recommended list! The city, overall, is an incredibly welcoming area for LGBQT+ members at any time of the year. 

CitySuites Is Travel Proud Certified!

Undertaking's Travel Proud training, we are now certified to be Travel Proud. We want to express our belief in creating a welcoming environment for our LGBTQ+ visitors and reassure all guests that everyone is welcome within our properties regardless of their gender or identity. 

There are lots of bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and attractions that openly welcome LGBTQ+ tourists in Manchester. You can elevate your stay by choosing one of Manchester's LGBTQ+ inclusive serviced apartments! 


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