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Manchester Concerts & Gigs This Year


Manchester Concerts and Gigs in 2023

Manchester is a haven for live entertainment, especially for well-known artists. 

This year saw performances from SZA, Coldplay and Avril Lavigne, and so far, there are still a considerable number of concerts in Manchester to look forward to. 

2023’s lineup of exciting gigs in the city continuously pushes the vibrancy. And whether you’re looking for a night of ecstatic music performances or a comedy show, there’s for everyone to be excited about. 

Manchester Venues For Live Concerts 

The city has plenty of venues that showcase live concerts. 

AO Arena

Manchester Arena (known as AO Arena) is an indoor arena famous for its live performance events. 

Situated next to Victoria Station (and a few minutes walk away from CitySuites), AO Arena has established itself as a world-class events and hospitality venue.

O2 Ritz

O2 Ritz is another live music venue famous for concerts and gigs, and notable for its sprung dance floor (capable of holding 1500 guests). 

O2 Ritz can be found next to the train station, and will commonly have concerts and raves happening throughout the year. 

Bridgewater Hall 

Bridgewater Hall hosts a variety of events and gigs that range from music to topical discussions. 

They often have musical performances happening every week, as well as a venue for performances from bigger events (such as Manchester International Festival in 2023). 

O2 Apollo 

O2 Apollo often shows lots of concerts throughout the year, similar to its counterparts. The venue showcases diverse performances that display more than just musical concerts. You can see the likes of Nick Offerman, Aunty Donna and other non-music gigs perform in the venue each year.  

Concerts To Watch Out For In Manchester This Year 

PLEASE NOTE: This blog was made on June 2023, meaning times and prices will vary. 

Concerts & Gigs In June 

Jack Whitehall

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 21st & 24th June/18:00 

Price: £82.66 to £92.35 (dependent on seats). 

Russell Howard 

Place: Opera House Manchester 

Date/Time:  24th to 25th June/varied times 

Price: From £39.45 (including transaction fee)

The Black Keys 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 22nd June/19:30 

Price: From £42.50 

Concerts & Gigs In July 

Bastille (7th July) SOLD OUT 

KISS (7th July)

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 7th July/19:30 

Price: From £86.25

Shawn Mendes SOLD OUT

Concerts & Gigs In August

Lewis Capaldi

Place: Wythenshawe Park 

Date/Time: 25th August/16:00 

Price: From £60.50

Noel Gallagher 

Place: Wythenshawe Park 

Date/Time: 26th August/16:00 

Price: £60.50 

Concerts & Gigs In September

Peter Kay Live (22nd and 23rd September - Various Dates) ALL SOLD OUT

Busted (24th and 30th September)

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 24th - 30th September/19:30

Price: From £62.58 

Shania Twain (25th September) 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 25th September/19:30 

Price: From £97.08 



Concerts & Gigs In October 

Blink-182 (15th and 16th October) 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 15th October/19:30 

Price: From £97.60 

S Club 7 Reunion (12th October)

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 12th October/19:30 

Price: £39.50 

Fallout Boy (29th October) 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 29th October/19:30 

Price: £166.05 




Concerts & Gigs In November

JLS (2nd November) 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 2nd November/19:30 

Price: From £47.01

Louis Tomlinson (11th November) 

Place: AO Arena 

Date/Time: 11th November/19:30 

Price: From £33.95 

Concerts & Gigs In December

Leona Lewis (11th December) SOLD OUT 


RAYE (2nd December) 

Place: O2 Apollo Manchester 

Date/Time: 2nd December/19:00 



Concerts in 2024 Happening in Manchester

The city is always full of exciting concert announcements - evident from the number of concerts that took place (and will continue to happen) this year. 

We anticipate that great shows and performances will continue on to 2024 in Manchester. Keep an eye on our blog post, as we'll update the content to ensure accurate times, prices and locations for all concerts happening in the city.

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