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Manchester's Most Scenic Cycling Routes


A cycling route is just as beautiful as taking a train through the natural wonders of the UK. We'd take it a step further in saying that cycling can be more beautiful than a train or car, as you feel the wind brushing against your skin while you pedal your way through grassy greens and grand views. 

With this topic in mind, we'd like to take you through Manchester's most gorgeous cycling routes. Regardless of the weather, a ride through these paths is worth considering when you're taking some time visiting the area. 

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Manchester's Most Scenic Cycling Routes 

There are several, great cycling routes to look out for in Manchester, and what we recommend aren't too far away from the city centre. 

As a good starting point, we'll use CitySuites as a guide on how far you'll be travelling to get to these wonderful places. 

The Daisy Nook (to Hartshead Pike) 

Daisy Nook is a country park that runs through Tameside, and its cycling path will have you go through a variety of historical landmarks that Manchester is known for. 

You'll catch glimpses of ironworks near the Park Bridge Heritage Centre when you reach a fairly steep hill, as well as a panoramic view of Manchester city centre. It's one of those hills where hard work pays off! 

Check out the map below to get an idea of what you'll be experiencing. 


From CitySuites: 26 minutes drive, or 50 minutes by transport

Fallowfield Loop

The Fallowfield Loop is an ideal cycling route for after-work exercises. It's located a few hundred yards away from the city centre, which means you'll be experiencing residential hubs and an urban path that's relatively away from any motorists. 

While it doesn't have many notable landmarks that you can find, it is considered to be one of the most straightforward bike rides that cyclists can get to. 

More details are found on the map below!

Screenshot 2023 03 30 143701

From CitySuites: 28 minutes drive, or 45 minutes by tram

Latchford Locks to Deansgate

Going from Latchford Locks to Deansgate will have you seeing both natural and urban attractions. As you go through the beautiful scenery of Bridgewater Canal, with over 30 miles of tranquil cycling to experience, you'll be sure to enjoy this route straight to Deansgate! 

Crossing the most well-known landmarks in Manchester - including the Manchester Ship Canal, the Instagramable village of Lymm and the Museum of Science and industry, cyclists going through this route will find new ways to appreciate Manchester and its surrounding areas. 

Screenshot 2023 03 30 144649

From CitySuites: 44 minutes drive, or 1hr 14 minutes by transport

Prestwich Forest Park

Going through Prestwich Forest Park means going through 22 acres of peaceful woodlands close to Bury. The land offers serene greeneries and luscious paths that separate walkers and cyclists. A lot of the park is home to wildlife, creating an enhanced natural experience for those making it through the area. 

With a full focus on massive greenery and wildlife, Prestwich Forest Park is one of the most popular biking routes available outside of Manchester. 

Screenshot 2023 03 30 144806

From CitySuites: 28 minutes drive, or 1 hour by tram

Stalybridge Country Park

Stalybridge Country Park is split between two areas, the Brushes Valley and Carrbrook. These areas are connected by various pathways and routes, with ponds and small woodland spaces. 

The higher areas of this park are dominated by four reservoirs that lead to moorlands, with old sites reclaimed by nature for cyclists to see throughout their path, and another reservoir by Carrbrook further into the park. 

Screenshot 2023 03 30 144923

From CitySuites: 47 minutes drive, or 1hr 15 minutes by transport

Todmorden (From Rochdale)

Starting off at Rochdale, the route to Todmorden offers both stunning and dramatic scenery of the countryside. This cycling route in the North West will leave you feeling refreshed with frequent sights of luscious greens and natural paths. This cycling route also goes through Hollingworth Lake, allowing you to stop for a pint and options for watersports. 

Continue to reach Littleborough and Walsden, which contain canals that offer a calming river path. After a while, you will conclude with Todmorden's railway station, offering more places to explore when you get the chance (as well as a wonderful walk if that's your thing!)

Screenshot 2023 03 30 145157

From CitySuites: 32 minute drive or 26 minutes by train 

Safety Tips for Cycling

Now that you've gotten a better idea of where you want to cycle through, it's important to highlight some safety tips before you go. 


Wear a helmet if you can

You should consider wearing a helmet when cycling anywhere. When you're biking around, a simple fall can cause significant damage to your body, so protecting your head at all times will be ideal! 

Prepare equipment

Bike pumps, multi tools, and snacks are just some of the things you'll want to prepare before you trail away. There's a lot that can change - your bike could get damaged, the weather could change, you might get into an injury, etc. So preparing things beforehand will be beneficial for you.

Research your route

To avoid the possibility of getting lost, plan your route accordingly! More on this later, but diminishing the risks of losing your way will help reduce any of your worries. 

How to Plan Your Cycling Route


Planning your cycling route can be just as fun as going through the path you choose. There's something about preparing for a natural view that seems very exciting, and planning your route makes all the difference. 

Read up on events in the city 

Manchester is quite a busy place, and a busy city means road closures on certain dates (depending on how big the event is!).

For example, On April 16th, There will be a Manchester Marathon taking place, meaning that some roads would be closed (or redirected elsewhere).

You can read up on everything you need to know as a spectator for Manchester's Marathon happening on the 16th of April

Understand your limit 

When planning your route, it's best to understand your limit. How long can you cycle for? How difficult of terrain can you ride through? How far can you go? 

Highlight your cycle distance, and understand the type of terrain you'll be going through so you can prepare accordingly. 

Think about what you're going to pass

When you're going through your desired route, figure out what landmarks and known spots you'll be spotting. This will just ensure that you're prepared to stop and take photos when you need to! 

Additional Resources

Are you all set to go to your planned bike route? Great! Before we let you go, there are some additional resources we'd like to give to you so that you can maximise your planning. 

Strava app 

Make sure you have a detailed cycling map of the area that you want to go to, and you can do this by downloading our recommended software - Strava! 

The app offers several features that can enhance any biking experience, including a recording function that tracks our progress and a community feature that allows you to connect with other cyclists, too. 

Manchester Visitor Information Centre 

If you're still struggling to find the best cycling routes, don't fret. Manchester has its own tourist centre that you can use if you want more recommendations. 

The centre is located in St Peters Square's Manchester Central Library (Postcode M25PD - it's a little hidden so keep your eyes open!).

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