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What's On Manchester In July 2023?


Summer is rolling in quickly. Reaching July means more events exclusive to Manchester, meaning more opportunities to create beautiful memories. 

In the UK, July also means summer holidays for kids - so for mums and dads, if you're looking for a place to take your children, Manchester is the ideal city. 

Manchester: A Place For Everyone 

If you haven't noticed yet, Manchester is full of exciting experiences ranging from the best activities for toddlers to explosive events for older audiences. 

Regardless of what you're looking for, there's a good chance Manchester has the right thing for you. Here are the top activities showing this July to highlight the city's expansive list of events this month.

Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride 

9th July


Cycling in Manchester is a regular activity - regardless of the intent. Whether it's for simple transport or exploration, it's something lots of people get involved in (especially now that rentable bikes are available at a cheap price). 

Keeping with the theme, a Manchester to Blackpool cycling event is taking place from Salford Quays. Join active cyclists as they embark on a 60-mile bike route from the Quays to South Promenade, Blackpool. Finishers will be met with music, food, and a beer tent, as well as a well-deserved medal as a reward. 


July Forest Bathing and Foraging Experience

19th July (10-4pm)


Eager to be with nature this July? The Forest Bathing and Foraging Experience is the ideal event to look forward to. 

This activity will see you spend 4 hours of absolute connection with nature, with a community of like-minded individuals taking part in meditations and foraging sessions. For anyone looking to spend more time outdoors in nature.


Yonder At The Mill 

July 15th


A little ways away from Manchester is Yonder At The Mill. 

Located in Castleford, Yonder At The Mill is a small (but exciting) festival filled with delicious street food, cold drinks and vibrant music. 

The event acquires local food vendors, a selection of craft beers in Yorkshire and a night filled with dancing, ideal for university students or anyone looking to have a great time outside of the city.


LGBTQ Salsa Class

Every Thursday 


To continue the dedicated representation of LGBTQ, Studio25 is hosting an exclusive Salsa Class every Thursday (July included). 

This free Salsa class is open to all LGBTQ members, and whether you're a beginner or an experienced Salsa dancer, everyone will get a chance to lead and follow in this highly-addictive dance class. 


UK Bungee Club

1st to 2nd July


Salford-based Bungee Club is hosting a bungee jumping event this July, exclusively for 2 days! 

As the UK's main bungee jumping site in Northern England, this experience will have you looking in awe at the incredible views of Manchester, before plunging down from 160ft in the air. For all adrenaline seekers looking for a thrill, check out this event this July. 



Oldham Summer Music Festival 

8th July


Got the ears for musical powerhouses? 

Listen or take part in Oldham's Music Summer Festival this July. The festival features hundreds of talented musicians, young and old. 

All visitors can enjoy a feast of over 50 performances throughout the day, from guitarists to orchestras. 


Feel Good Family Picnic

25th July 


A brand new, free family event (originally planned before COVID), is the Feel Good Family Picnic taking place in Rochdale. 

This picnic is open during school summer holidays, featuring tonnes of performances, activities, music and shows that both parents and children will love. 


Magic of Thailand Festival in Manchester

29th to 30th July


A Thai festival is happening this summer at Platt Fields Park. 

Bring the magic of Thailand's culture right to Manchester! The Thai Festival will have you experience the very best of Thai feasts, as well as traditional Thai massages, unique eating competitions, and a showcase of Muay Thai boxing. 

The festival will also have a particular play area for children. 


KISS Concert (AO Arena) 

7th July 


KISS is an American rock band beloved by the older and newer generation of concertgoers. 

Playing at the AO Arena, KISS is one of the most anticipated concerts happening in July. Book your tickets before the seats are gone. 


July Is Full Of Extravagant Happenings

The middle of summer is usually the time when events are in full force. 

With good reason. July is a month when parents can freely take time to themselves before the summer holidays in the UK (sorry kids!) as well as the frequent sunny days.

Regardless of the occasion, July in Manchester is a truly unforgettable time and place. 



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