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Manchester's Hidden Gems: Unique Things To Do In The City


Manchester's Hidden Gems 


The city is full of surprises.


If you've lived in Manchester for only a short time, you might have missed the list we're about to review. This is great in our opinion because it means that the city has more to offer than you might think! 

From cocktail bars and interesting attractions, here are the best-hidden gems in Manchester. 

Ancoats Peeps 

Ancoats is full of history in the heart of Manchester, and the Peeps are evidence of this. In the deeper areas of Ancoats, visitors can find art exhibitions built into the walls - The Ancoats Peeps. These pieces blend into the area and are built to be explored thoroughly. 

Take half an hour to discover the peepholes in Ancoats fully. You can hunt them down starting from Oldham Road and Great Ancoats Street - they form part of the border, with the southern border being along the canal and eastern border being Ancoats Green. 

The Hidden Gem Church

If we're talking about hidden monuments in Manchester, the "Hidden Gem Church" is an architecture worth exploring. Noted as the first Catholic church built after the Reformation, this holy gem is built with intriguing Italian-style architecture dating back around 2 centuries to its consecration. 

You can find the Hidden Gem Church by following this direction.

Heaton Park's Boating Lake


For anyone looking to explore something outside of closed doors, why not take boating a shot at Heaton Park's lake? In summer, take a fun day out of the city to Heaton Park's boating lake, which is only a 20-minute ride from the city itself. 

Heaton Park is just one of the vast number of green parks around Manchester, too! 

Hidden Bars In Manchester

Dusk Til Pawn

Located deep within the Northern Quarter, Dusk Til Pawn is a hidden cocktail bar full of surprises. Inside the bar is a massive diverse music collection, playable through Dusk Til Pawn's jukebox. And what's a bar without quirky drinks? The venue has a weekly cycle of special drinks that visitors can enjoy - each with their own unique twist. 

Find Dusk Til Pawn Google Maps

The Temple 


The Temple Bar will make any visitor feel like an exclusive guest. Located within Oxford Street lies one of Manchester's best-kept secrets - a dive bar with a cool, secluded vibe that feels like you're in a movie set. From world beers to a jukebox atmosphere, The Temple is definitely worth a visit when you're in the city.

Check out where to find The Temple here.

The Washhouse 

A favourite amongst locals is the Washhouse. The Washhouse is a delicately-made service that all laundry needs. But, there's a reason why this entry is on this list. We don't want to spoil the experience, so why not just book yourself a wash and take a look yourself? 

You can find The Washhouse near Shudehill, Manchester M4 2AF

Looking for something more than just plain old fish and chips? For restaurants in Manchester that deliver interesting themes and experiences, check out the list below.

Quirky Restaurants In Manchester

On The Hush 

On The Hush is like Manchester's Superman for restaurants. By day, it's a picturesque cafe with brunches and coffees, but come nighttime, you'll find the venue full of interesting surprises. This includes a funky cocktail bar, live music and entertainment and other deals that visitors will find useful. Whether you're looking for a quirky afternoon tea or a fun evening experience, On The Hush should be on your radar!

On The Hush can be found within Northern Quarter.

Science and Industry 

This eccentric hideaway is an experimental table service created by Cane and Grain. Visitors can expect a stylish service and a list of exciting food and drinks. The themes of "science and experimentation" creates an interesting experience - the use of scientific techniques also adds a flavourful uniqueness to the cocktails.

Science and Industry is a hidden-away bar but can be found within the Northern Quarter

El Capo

Interested in Mexican cuisine? Then the near-hidden El Capo is the best place to start - and finish - your day. This restaurant brings a fantastic selection of Mexican street foods and cocktails to your table, with a vibrant atmosphere that pieces together the ideal day out. It's an energetic hidden gem in Manchester that every visitor should check out at least once.

When you get the time, check out their location.

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