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All Must-See Museums in Manchester


Museums are fantastic places to discover the history of a city. The benefits of museums in Manchester? There are a number of themed venues that illustrate the larger scope of the city's past. 

The complexities of war, the development of the city, and the rich culture with sport, you can find all of these ventures through Manchester's selection of museums. 

What Are Manchester's Best Museums? 




Manchester has an estimated 30+ museums found within its greater area. While we can recommend visiting all of them, we understand that most visitors will only want the best that Manchester has to offer.

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Here are our 5 picks for the city's most prominent museums. 

1. Imperial War Museum 


The Imperial War Museum tells a story like no other. IWM collects artefacts from past wars and stories that provide a deep insight into people's experiences of war. 

The museum offers a variety of exciting collections, exhibitions and stories. 

Recommended attractions in IWM: 

  •  Portraits of Holocaust Survivors 
  • The Changing Faces of Wartime Britain
  • Big Picture Show 

2. Science & Industry Museum 


The Science & Industry Museum covers a large chunk of Manchester's history, from the Industrial Revolution to the modern, scientific advancements of the city. 

Comprised of five listed buildings, this heritage site creates connections between the past and present-day Manchester. 

Recommended attractions in SIM: 

  • Experiment 
  • The Revolution Manchester Show 
  • Power Up (Limited Event!)

3. National Football Museum 


Since its opening, the National Football Museum has had one goal: to share stories about football. With Manchester being the capital for lots of major football games (thanks to their two colossal football teams MUFC and MCFC), there's no better location to highlight the best that football has done for the UK. 

Famous for school visits and virtual galleries, the site offers free museum tours and an interesting mix of exhibitions. 

Recommended attractions in NFM: 

  • Free Museum Tours
  • Pitch Gallery
  • Interactive Games

4. People's History Museum 

Located just outside of the city is the People's History Museum. 

This site is home to various stories and inspirations - a place where Manchester's radical past can shape the future of the city.

The collections displayed by PHM include a variety of themes, such as political posters, ceramics, personal items from key politicians and activists, and so on. The site tells a story of camaraderie and ideas worth fightng for - social justice, a fair world and equality for all. 

Recommended attractions in PHM: 

  • Main Gallery One & Two 
  • Banner Exhibition (2023) 
  • Ten Treasures

5. Manchester Museum 


Manchester Museum is located within the University of Manchester and is filled with history both within and outside of its building. 

The vast galleries, extraordinary facilities and displayed exhibitions have been designed to incorporate new and diverse perspectives. 

Recommended attractions in Manchester Museum: 

  • Golden Mummies Of Egypt
  • Earth Sciences Collection
  • Lee Kai Hung Chinese Culture Gallery

Where Do You Want To Go? 

As we mentioned, Manchester is quite big on its museums. 

With lots to show visitors about Manchester's ever-expanding culture, the museums are a fantastic start and an incredible ending to your visit. 


There are other museums to find, too, including Manchester's Art Gallery and the Museum of Transport. Both heritage centres display their own unique exhibitions and galleries - all of which we recommend here at CitySuites. 

Our advise? Take a look at all museums Manchester has to offer and pick the ones you think offer something you, your children, your partner or your whole family will find interesting! 

Of course, museums aren't the only stars found in the city. If you prefer a night out in the city, shopping in Manchester or musicals showing in Manchester this year, there are lots of options to choose from! 

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