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18 Musicals To Watch in Manchester (2024)


Rejoice, theatre fanatics! This year, Manchester is showing some of the most dazzling musicals in 2024. 

Musicals are a fantastic way to spend the day (or night) and the sounds, excitement and emotions felt in these shows are undoubtedly electric. 

If you're interested in booking any of these great shows in the next year or so, book your place today. 

CitySuites is the ideal place to stay during for any theatre breaks in Manchester, as we're located right at the heart of the city.

Note: Updated for March 2024

All Musicals In Manchester Announced In 2024.

This year, Manchester is holding some of the most memorable shows in the city, including Hamilton, Dirty Dancing, and so on. 


The past couple of years have made wonderful shows like these impossible to see, and in 2024, the beloved industry is making a real comeback with a list of exciting musicals happening throughout the year. 


Pretty Woman The Musical 

Date: 5th - 16th March 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

In the late 80s, Vivian meets Edward in a life-changing exchange. In an unlikely romance between classes, Pretty Woman is a thrilling story about love, expectations and self-discovery. 

Be swept up in the romance of these iconic characters in a sensational show guaranteed to lift the spirits.


Sister Act 

Date: 18th - 30th March 2024 

Location: Palace Theatre

Join this hilarious and gripping story of friendship and sisterhood! Sister Act The Musical is coming to theatres this March 2024. Under protection, Deloris disguised as an innocent nun is kept under the watch of Mother Superior after witnessing a terrifying murder. Featuring songs inspired by Motown, soul and disco - this show is set to give a nostalgic trip for all audiences.


Mary Poppins 

Date: 9th April - 17th May 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Having all nannies chased away by Jane and Michael Banks, George and Winifred become desperate for someone to look after their children. The winds change when the sprightly Mary Poppins comes in. A story full of wisp and wonder, Mary Poppins is a fantastic musical for all the family. Book your tickets below.


The Wizard of Oz 

Date: 24th April - 5th May 2024

Location: Palace Theatre


Dorothy, a young girl from Kansas, finds herself in a magical land where she must embark on a journey to return home. Along the way, she meets friends, foes, and everything in between.

Join her as she journeys on the yellow-brick road, on this fantastically-made musical.


An Officer and a Gentleman 

Date: 30th April - 4th May 2024

Location: Opera House

An Officer and a Gentleman is a timeless story that leaves the audience breathless. Full of emotion, character and grit, join Zack Mayo's story as he fearlessly courts the captivating Paula Pokrifki.

Based on the 1982 film starring Richard Gere, this musical is a fantastic recommendation for those only getting into the theatre production.


Bonnie & Clyde The Musical 

Date: 7th - 11th May 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Look into the life of Bonnie & Clyde, folk heroes in America who took cities by storm. The musical delves into love, adventure, politics and crime, with the infamous pair daring to venture into the horrible uncertainties of old America. 

Winner of the Best New Musical by What'sOnStage (their What'sOnStage Awards in 2023), the musical is an epic adventure into the lives of Bonnie & Clyde!


Aladdin The Musical

Date: 22nd May - 7th July 2024 

Location: Palace Theatre

Witness the story of young street urchin Aladdin, as he embarks on a magical journey when he stumbles upon a magical lamp that grants wishes. His life becomes richer when he meets Princess Jasmine, though his story also requires challenges when he's threatened by the evil Jafar. An enticing narrative to keep the family entertained.


Burlesque The Musical

Date: 13th - 29th June/3rd October - 9th November

Location: Palace Theatre

Ali, desperate to find her mother, instead finds herself drawn into a dazzling underground club. Combining upbeat music, risque dance moves and a family of misfits, Ali embarks in an adventures with dreamers and schemers, finding her real voice, talent, and her place in the world. Burlesque sizzles with familiar songs by familiar artists, and a fun theatre for those looking for something different.


& Juliet

Date: 9th - 20th July 2024

Location: Opera House


Taking the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, this musical looks into the alternative direction that the story could have taken. What if Juliet, through her own vices, chose her own fate? 


Hairspray The Musical

Date: 16th - 27th July 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Set in the 60s, Hairspray gets the groove going with well-known tracks and a gripping story. Tracy Turnblad, a woman with a big heart and bigger dreams, dances her way onto national TV - a journey that will see her stand to fight intolerance and unequal treatment in their era. 

A fun-filled show to see this year. Book now! 


101 Dalmatians 

Date: 30th July - 10th August 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Cruella de Vil, the fashion-forward schemes to acquire all Dalmatian puppies in town for... a fur coat?! Pongo and Perdy, along with their adorable litter of pups, must now step up to avoid the cruel fashionista's plot!

Dazzlingly portrayed on stage, the tale of the Dalmatians features effortless puppetry, choreography, hit songs and, of course, Dalmatian puppies.


The Book Of Mormon Tour 

Date: 11th September - 5th October 2024

Location: Palace Theatre


The story of the two Salt Lake City Mormons is a laugh-out-loud adventure full of twists and turns. The Mormons are sent as missionaries to Uganda, in the hopes of converting members of society in the area. But instead, are met with a terrifying challenge that's out-of-pocket for even the most normal musicals!


Grease the Musical 

Date: 8th - 12th October 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Considered to be the most beloved musical with its phenomenal score (think Summer Nights, Greased, and Hopelessly Devoted to You). 

An electrifying summer romance leaves leather-wearing Danny and innocent Sandy unexpectedly reunited when she's transferred to Rydell High for her senior year.



Date: 4th - 9th November 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Roxie Hart and her merry murderesses take part in a war for fame, freedom and influence. This satirical look at celebrities, patterned with a theme of justice, sets a scene in Chicago during the roaring twenties in a razzle-dazzle mix of murder, sex and musicality. A classic in theatres, book Chicago The Musical for 2024.


Blood Brothers

Date: 19th - 30th November 2024

Location: Palace Theatre

Faith plays a role when Mickey meets an oddly resembling Eddie. When the two discover a secret between them, their lives are turned upside down. A story of brotherhood, betrayal and class, Blood Brothers is a musical to sink your teeth into. Exploring the gap between poor and rich, nature and nurture, and good over evil, book the musical today! 


Only Fools & Horses

Date: 11th - 23rd November 2024

Location: Opera House

The legendary television show "Only Fools & Horses" has been off-air for some time, but it has not yet left the graceful theatre stages. This musical features spectacular and cherished material from Britain's beloved TV series. Don't miss out on Only Fools & Horses!


Date: 3rd December 2024 - 12th January 2025 

Location: Palace Theatre

Wicked is a tale of unexpected and shocking consequences. Follow the popular Glinda and the wicked Elphaba, as they journey through the crossroads and their lives take on very distinctive paths. 


Les Miserables

Date: 26th - 29th December 2024 

Location: AO Arena

Jean Valjean, a French peasant accused of a minor crime and prosecuted to the highest degree, spent 19  years in the gaol. The scene turns sour with his encounter, Javert - a jobsworth cop. This story is something to experience yourself, so book your tickets this 2024. 


An Incredible Line Up For 2024

It's obvious that big musical names are slowly trickling into Manchester's theatre scene and with good reason! Manchester is continuously growing its tourist market, and what better way to attract them than a fantastic list of musicals? 

Though Manchester is full of theatrics and the like, there are also lots of other types of events to look forward to. Concerts in Manchester this year are huge! And it's only going to get bigger with more announcements throughout the year seeping into 2025.

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