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The Best Of Manchester: Musicals To Watch in 2023/2024


Rejoice, theatre fanatics! This year, Manchester is showing some of the most dazzling musicals in 2023 and 2024. 

Musicals are a fantastic way to spend the day (or night) and the sounds, excitement and emotions felt in these shows are undoubtedly electric. 

If you're interested in booking any of these great shows in the next year or so, book your place today. 

Why Are Musicals So Fun? 

Think about the first time you saw Hamilton live or when you first saw Mamma Mia the Musical. The upbeat storytelling paired with the energetic ensemble made these shows one of the most popular musicals in Manchester. It's the ultimate way to express emotions without speaking loudly - and in sync with fantastic tunes. 

There's nothing more we can say to express our love for musical theatre, so we'll leave it up to you - but, you should know; we've never seen anyone come out of a musical show without being entertained, one way or another! 

If you're looking for the ideal theatre break in Manchester, take a look at the upcoming musicals playing this year. 

What Musicals Are On In Manchester?

This year, Manchester is holding some of the most memorable shows in the city, including Hamilton, Dirty Dancing, and so on. 


The past couple of years have made wonderful shows like these impossible to see, and in 2023, the beloved industry is making a real comeback with a list of exciting musicals happening throughout the year. 

Kid-Friendly Musicals in 2023


Annie The Musical (Finished!)

Annie The Musical follows the story of little orphan Annie, based on a popular comic strip by Harold Gray. The character has become a worldwide sensation in both movie forms and musicals. 

This winner of a musical has created Broadway smashed hits such as "Tomorrow" and "It's The Hard Knock Life", making its cultural imprint on the world of musicals - the type that makes you instantly know what the lyrics will be! Annie The Musical is finished for the year, but keep an eye out on as it may come back again in future months. 

Elf The Musical (From 23/12/2023)

Witness the captivating story of Elf The Musical, as you watch Buddy embark on a magical (and hilarious) adventure to New York. 

The musical is packed with energy. All melodies will have you tapping your toes as you're exposed to several highly-rated hits to bring the joyous spirit of Christmas.

Madagascar The Musical (From 08/02/2024)

Alex and his best friends Marty, Gloria, Melman and more escape their captivity and explore the world beyond their own. 

Join the group of loveable animals as they spend their adventure making unforgettable experiences. It's a musical that emphasises friendship, discovery and self-worth. A perfect family outing for those looking for a kid-friendly musical.

Are theatre breaks not what you're looking for? Check out our guide on the top toddler-friendly activities to do in Manchester this year!

Popular Musicals Coming To Manchester


Hamilton (From 11/11/2023)

Have you heard of Aaron Burr, Sir? 

This fantastic musical looks into the life of the founding father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, and his relationships with other political deities such as George Washington, Elizabeth Schuyler, Aaron Burr and more! 

The tale is interspersed with rapid-playing music inspired by rap, hip-hop, and other non-traditional genres not usually found in musicals. The production is combined with excellent storytelling on various musical numbers, paired with incredible choreography.

The Rocky Horror Show (23/01/2024)

The Rocky Horror Show sees Brad Majors and his fiancee Janet Weiss go on an unforgettable adventure, where they visit the home of Frankenstein, and Frank'n'Furter (creator of Frankenstein). 

Enjoy timeless classics such as "Sweet Transvestite" and "Time Warp", a head-bopping musical that introduces a host of iconic hits!

The Wizard of Oz (From 24/04/2024)

Based on L. Frank Baum's wonderful story, The Wizard of Oz musical is a beloved tale that incorporates songs and melodies into a gripping story about determination.

Dorothy, a young girl from Kansas, finds herself in a magical land where she must embark on a journey to return herself home. Along the way, she meets friends, foes, and everything in between. Join her as she journies on the yellow-brick road, on this fantastically-made musical! 

Wicked (From 03/12/2024)

Wicked is a tale of unexpected and shocking consequences.

Follow the popular Glinda and the... wicked Elphaba, as they journey through the crossroads and their lives take on very distinctive paths. 

Glinda's desire for popularity and Elphaba's determination to remain true to herself see a shocking turnout for this amazing musical.

Grease the Musical (From 08/10/2024)

Considered to be the most beloved musical with its phenomenal score (think Summer Nights, Greased, and Hopelessly Devoted to You). 

An electrifying summer romance leaves leather-wearing Danny and innocent Sandy unexpectedly reunited when she's transferred to Rydell High for her senior year.

More Fun Musicals In The City


The Drifters Girl (Finished!)

If you're looking for a show filled with passion, then The Drifters Girl is something you should put on your radar. The musical follows The Drifters, a group of Doo-wop, R&B and soul musicians that rose to fame while fighting racism and being a working-class citizen in 1950 America. 

The piece brilliantly delivers the concept of what they're trying to achieve, fitted with an amazingly talented cast, a fine selection of songs, and a visually stunning production. 

Pretty Woman The Musical (From 05/03/2024)

In the late 80s, Vivian meets Edward in a life-changing exchange. In an unlikely romance between classes, Pretty Woman is a thrilling story about love, expectations and self-discovery. 

Be swept up in the romance of these iconic characters in a sensational show guaranteed to life the spirits!

An Officer and a Gentleman (From 30/04/2024)

An Officer and a Gentleman is a timeless story that leaves the audience breathless. Full of emotion, character and grit, join Zack Mayo's story as he fearlessly courts the captivating Paula Pokrifki. 

Based on the 1982 film starring Richard Gere, this musical is a fantastic recommendation for those only getting into the theatre production.  

Bonnie & Clyde The Musical (From 07/05/2024)

Look into the life of Bonnie & Clyde, folk heroes in America who took cities by storm. The musical delves into love, adventure, politics and crime, with the infamous pair daring to venture into the horrible uncertainties of old America. 

Winner of the Best New Musical by What'sOnStage (their What'sOnStage Awards in 2023), the musical is an epic adventure into the lives of Bonnie & Clyde!

Hairspray The Musical (From 16/07/2024)

Set in the 60s, Hairspray gets the groove going with well-known tracks and a gripping story. Tracy Turnblad, a woman with a big heart and bigger dreams, dances her way onto national TV - a journey that will see her stand to fight intolerance and unequal treatment in their era. 

A fun-filled show to see this year. Book now! 

An Incredible Line Up For 2023 & 2024

It's obvious that big musical names are slowly trickling into Manchester's theatre scene and with good reason! Manchester is continuously growing its tourist market, and what better way to attract them than a fantastic list of musicals. 

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