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Things To Do in Manchester On A Night Out


Manchester's nightlife is brimming with excitement. 

It's not always clubs or bars that you can look forward to, as events during the night spring more life into the city. 

In this guide, we look at the best experiences, events and activities to do at night in Manchester. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or a visitor looking for a great time, this post is for you! From the best spots for a girl's night out to events for a limited time, Manchester has the best selection for anyone who wants to join in.  

Best and Fun Nights Out in Manchester

Comedy Night Clubs in Manchester


They say comedy comes in threes - but Manchester has more than three venues to keep you laughing. 

One of the best nights you can do in the city is to book you and whoever wants to accompany you to one of Manchester's best comedy clubs. Manchester can accommodate whether you want a complete comedy package from upcoming performers or a themed comedy club. 

Here are our recommended comedy clubs in Manchester:

  • The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club
  • The Comedy Store
  • Murder INC - The Improvised Murder Mystery
  • Creatures Of The Night

Tribute Nights 


Experience various tribute nights in Manchester, as the city is hosting a wealth of events in tribute to the best artists known worldwide. 

Playing in a variety of venues, tribute nights in the city are a popular and electrifying way to spend your night, from iconic rock bands to musical legends such as ABBA and Rod Stewart, don't miss your chance to sing, dance, and celebrate the greatest hits of all time.

Below are some examples of tribute events happening in Manchester: 

  • Tribute to ABBA by Candlelight - The Monastery, Manchester (25th August)
  • Rod Stewart Tribute Night - Istanbul Grill Restaurant (24th May)
  • UB40 Tribute Night - Patricroft Conservative Club (21st July)

You can find more of these tribute night events through Google.

Best Quiz & Pub Nights In The City



Pub quiz nights are a staple in the UK, especially in Manchester. With frequent (and often themed) quiz nights in various pubs, there's no doubt that you and your team can plan a fun night. 

Brain-teasing questions, paired with an atmospheric pub and even fantastic prizes can result in an unforgettable evening. Take a look at some of the example venues below.

Open Mic Nights


Open mic nights are available for budding talents to showcase their singing powers. 

In various venues around the city, you can get yourself on stage and let your creativity spring, whether you're a musician, poet, or any other. Open mic nights offer both support and encouraging atmospheres, allowing you to connect with similar artists and share your passion. 

Ideal for students, creatives, or performers - but anybody is welcome in open mic nights! 

Manchester Student Nights


Manchester is known for its buzzing nightlife, making it a perfect place for students to spend their evenings. While the city can boast a number of late experiences, it's also no stranger to clubs and bars for students. 

With affordable drinks, vibrant atmospheres and energetic nights, Manchester-exclusive clubs and bars are often popular picks for university students. 

  • Yes Manchester: Located in the Oxford Road, Yes Manchester hosts four floors of diverse music and affordable drinks. A popular nightclub among students, Yes is a fantastic spot for a night out.
  • Factory 251: This nightclub is known for its student nights, featuring different themes and genres of music every week. It’s also a popular venue for live music events.
  • Ark: Considered to be one of the popular go-to's for students, Ark is a large nightclub that delivers a modern venue, pub-style food and cocktails, and great events.
  • Hidden: This underground nightclub is located in an abandoned warehouse and features a variety of electronic music genres. It’s a popular spot among students who are into techno, house, and other electronic music styles.
  • The Deaf Institute: Although not exclusively a student nightclub, The Deaf Institute offers regular student nights with discounted drinks and a mix of indie, rock, and pop music.

Make Your Night Count With CitySuites 

We already spoke about the wonderful nights out in Manchester, but what about your night in? 

While we can't speak about other great accommodations in the city, comfortable spaces are available at both our buildings at CitySuites I and the newer property, CitySuites II. 

So, whether it's a long or short-term stay you're looking for, a stay at CitySuites can guarantee a perfect ending to your perfect night. 

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