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9 Exciting Christmas Party Ideas in Manchester


Congratulations! You’ve been chosen as the planner for this year’s office Christmas party. You might be wondering where to start with the party planning, but don’t fear. We have you covered.

CitySuites can help take the pressure off if you choose to host your Christmas party with us. We have a range of spaces, from our stylish Private Dining Room which can fit groups of up to 12 people, to our entire Embankment Kitchen restaurant if you're planning a big do. Drop us an email to if you'd like to know more. 

Read on for our top 9 ideas for the best office Christmas party in Manchester this year!

1. Escape a room at Breakout, Manchester

Breakout Manchester is an incredible time for colleagues. With numerous options for escape rooms, you can book a game with your colleagues to experience an exciting team-building exercise - a perfect start to your Christmas party! 

Celebrate Your Work Christmas Party In Manchester With Citysuites And Embankmnet

2. The Urban Playground at Arndale Centre

One of the newer, revolutionary entertainment venues in Manchester, The Urban Playground boasts a variety of games, a selection of food and two leisure bars, making it an ideal venue for competitive socialising, and creating unique experiences for everyone at your workplace. 

If you want to go elsewhere for food after a competitive night, why not hire out a venue like Embankment Kitchen and enjoy a luxurious evening to end the night? 

3. Roxy's Ballroom for competitive darts

With two venues right in the middle of Manchester's roaming streets, Roxy Ballroom is an adult playground capable of bringing an outstanding Christmas party in Manchester. 

You'll compete against your workers in a series of games of your choice. From bowling lanes to crazy pool, the night can seem endless when you book Roxy's Ballroom for your next corporate Christmas outing. 


4. Flight Club for an unforgettable evening

Flight Club is a uniquely designed venue and the home for Social Darts. 

With its electrical vibe, games for corporate outings, and sensational food and drink from the bar, the night is set to be a competitive one at Flight Club. Great for any company that holds some competitive employees!

5. NQ64 for any gamers

NQ64 is a neon haven, holding dens full of retro-arcade games and consoles from way back when. 

On top of their selection of classic games, NQ64 also boasts a wide array of drinks to match the nostalgic atmosphere in their venue. An incredible option for a Christmas party for any staff that enjoys games.

6. The Christmas Markets for food and entertainment!

The Christmas Markets already gets a good portion of visitors each year in Manchester but with good reason. Manchester's Christmas Markets are a sight to behold, and it's even more perfect for Christmas parties at your workplace. 

The best part is you don't need to book anything, you and your colleagues can just make your way to Exchange Square, Piccadilly Gardens or King Street to explore the phenomenal selection of stalls this year. 

7. Whistlepunks for a unique night out

For something more distinctive, then a night of axe throwing can be a fun option. Whatever occasion you wish to book this in, Whistlepunks is a cater-to-all axe-throwing company that can accommodate your Christmas party. 

Sling axes, party all night and drink with colleagues in a unique night-out option in Manchester.

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8.  A Beer party at Lock 91

Manchester's historic Lock 91 venue contains diverse levels of stylish spaces to hire. From outdoor terraces to cottage-style interiors, Lock 91 can be hired for special celebrations like your Christmas event! 

9. Tasteful Decorations at Trof

Trof is accurately described as a "den of indulgence" located in Manchester's Northern Quarter, and like Lock 91, Trof can be hired for special occasions. 

You can book you and your workmates a large table, or hire a space like the Bourbon Bar (which can seat 40, and accommodate 60 standing) for a more exclusive venue feel. 

If you'd like to know more about what CitySuites can do for your Christmas Party, view our various Celebration Spaces here or get in touch with our team at

An ideal venue for Christmas hires in Manchester can set the right tone for your party. Which is why we're confident that our available spaces will be ideal to hire this December. Get in touch with our Conference & Events Executive to tour or hire our venues.

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