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A First Time Solo Traveller's Guide In 2023


While everyone is looking to travel abroad, sometimes conflicting schedules mean that not everyone can go. So, you decide to travel solo! 

Solo travelling overall can be challenging - especially when it's your first time. However, travelling on your lonesome is one of the best ways to learn about yourself, while exploring other cultures around the world.



If you’re thinking of solo travelling, we’ve collected some of the most followed and approved travel tips by travellers across the internet. Whether you want to take a city break in North America or backpack through Europe, we recommend looking through these tips to get started.

Travelling abroad

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Exploring other countries and diving into their respective cultures is fantastic. It’s not just an excuse to see worlds outside your own; you also learn valuable skills along the way. Regardless of where you go, travelling abroad is a time when you’ll likely find out more about yourself.

How Safe Is It To Travel Abroad 

Travel comes with uncertainties, sure. It is reasonably safe to travel abroad, but taking caution is always required. It will also depend on where you want to go, but overall, you can manage travelling by yourself once you know what to do.


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Understanding the most common and practised safety tips will be enough to get you through your first trip alone and abroad. But the more you explore other places by yourself, the more confidence you'll pick up. 

It’s never a bad thing to be prepared, though. Below are some of the most common and tested solo travelling tips we’ve found online.

How Can You Ensure Your Journey Is Safe? 

Accommodation will be one of the most - if not- the most important feature you’ll have to consider carefully when you’re travelling. It’s going to be where you’ll likely store your things while you’re out, where you’ll likely sleep, and your safe point throughout your whole journey. 


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But how can you make sure that the place you’re staying in is safe? You have to think of specificities such as security and location to highlight the safety of your accommodation. Accreditations (or certificates) can indicate how safe your accommodation will be. Here are some examples of accreditations to look out for to ensure your hotel, Airbnb, a hostel or any other type of accommodation is safe and secure. 

Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) 

Hotels are often easy for the public to enter, unlike airports or train stations, which also makes them a target for criminals. GSA security accreditation helps determine if a hotel has appropriate security measures based on the level of risk it faces.

GSA has developed a global standard for hotel security, and finding this accreditation in a hotel means that the accommodation in question is recognised as having a good level of security.

As a corporate, selecting a hotel with the GSA accreditation, helps you meet your duty of care to your travellers, ensuring that their accommodation is independently security assessed and meets the guidance on accommodation contained in ISO:31030 Travel Risk Guidance for Organisations. You can learn more by visiting GSA's page about CitySuites.

CitySuites has been accredited with a GSA in 2023 

Maiden Voyage

An accreditation by Maiden Voyage means that a particular accommodation will have evidence of specific security measures that ensure the safety of female business travellers, members of the LGBTQ+ group and other minority groups. 

Maiden Voyage creates personal safety and travel risk management programmes for hotels to use, optimising their security measures to ensure maximum safety for female business travellers and other groups. 

CitySuites has been accredited with a Maiden Voyage certificate in 2017.


ISAAP accreditation emphasises accommodation safety, cleanliness, security and quality to the consumer. 

Any tourist accommodation that holds this certificate from ISAAP indicates their dedication to safety and security, as well as comfort and quality. If you find a hotel with accreditation by ISAAP, the standards for security within that specific property are of high quality. 

CitySuites has been accredited with an ISAAP certificate in 2022.

Tips on Travelling Safely Solo For First-Timers

Plan your arrival, your stay, and your return

From arriving at your airport to finding accommodation, you should plan your trip way ahead of time to ensure a safe journey. 

There are questions you need to ask yourself: where will your plane be stopping? Are there any transports you can use nearby?  And how about your accommodation, is it safe to get there if you’re checking in at a darker hour? Is it safe to travel to your desired destination? These are questions you should always be asking when planning your trip, and having an answer before you take off will be crucial.    

Afraid of spending your time alone? Join events or classes

Who said you had to dine alone? With a variety of classes and events available worldwide, you can meet other people while participating in fun activities during your solo travel. 


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Depending on where you’re going to stay or where you’ll be going, there are a number of worthwhile events or activities to choose from.

If you’re considering going to Manchester, for example, there are diverse events and activities across 2023. 

Explore other solo traveller groups online 

Finding a travel community online has never been easier with social media. Facebook groups, Instagram pages or even WhatsApp communities are scattered online, making it easier for solo travellers to meet other like-minded individuals.

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You can easily build friendships with like-minded individuals travelling across the world. While online communities are easy to join, staying in a hostel is also an ideal way to meet other travellers.

Read about travel insurance 

Travelling safely means securing yourself; travel insurance can help protect your investment. This means that any challenges that you might face (whether it’s COVID-related, problems with bookings, etc.) can get covered with travel insurance. 

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This policy often includes ensuring lost or stolen baggage,  emergency medical expenses, and disruptions to travel or accommodation. The exact coverage will vary depending on which insurer and which policy you choose to purchase.

Ensure your important items are well-protected 

You can protect your important items by creating backup copies on you and at home with a trusted contact. Being doubly prepared is safer than losing an item you need to travel. 

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Managing your most fundamental keepsakes is also an easy task to do when you travel. You can keep a list of things you’ve brought with you, and check that you have them whenever you move around. 

Another important thing you can do to protect your items is to keep all important items to a minimum. 

Pre-trip travel tips for first-time solo travellers

Browse through easy-to-travel destinations

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There are lots of destinations you can travel to that are easy to get through, while also friendly to tourists. It’s best to choose places you will want to go to, but also keep in mind how accessible it is to get there. 

Some places that are considered “easy” to travel to will depend on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from the Middle East, Cyprus and Bahrain are pretty easy to travel to. Or if you’re coming from Europe, then places like Copenhagen or Manchester are highly recommended.

Particularly Manchester with events such as the Film Festival, Manchester International Festival and much more in 2023. Check out all upcoming events this spring in Manchester.

Pack light 

We advise that you only bring the bare essentials whenever you travel. Depending on where you stay, it’s likely that other amenities you require will be included. 

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CitySuites, for example, provides a diverse range of hotel amenities that you can use to free up your baggage, including a shower gel, towels, shampoo and a hairdryer. So if you’re looking to stay at an accommodation that supply these additions, it's best to pack light.

Avoid dangerous behaviours/situations/events/etc.

When travelling alone, it’s best to keep cautious of your surroundings. Paying special attention to what’s happening around you can ensure your safety.


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So make sure you don’t drink too much and keep your drinks in your sight, pay attention to those around you, walk into a public place when you feel uncomfortable, and watch your back whenever you feel it’s necessary. 

Travel Safe! 

Travelling is exciting, but can be intimidating for first-timers. But, this alone shouldn't discourage any upcoming travellers to not go! Taking in safety measures, practicing self-care, and going with your gut can provide you with a safe and fun travel experience. 

Remember to do your research and understand your routes, and we can guarantee that you'll have a great time abroad.

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