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13 Haunting Halloween Events In Manchester


The frigid season is slowly creeping up on us. Cackling witches, ominous ghouls and mischievous goblins come out to play, and what better way to spend the night afraid than in one of the UK's scariest cities? At least, when the Halloween decoration is up... 

CitySuites has listed 13 of the most hauntingly fun events visitors can do in Manchester this year. Whether you're looking for creepy Halloween parties in the city, ghost tours or spook fests, we've got you covered.

13 Frightening Things To Do This Halloween in Manchester 

Halloween is the time for spooky movies, costumes, trick-or-treating and themed parties in the city. If you're looking for ways to spend the night in terror, take a look at our recommended events in Manchester this Halloween.


Manchester's legion of ghost tours 

There are lots of terrifying - yet intriguing - ghost tours available in Manchester in and around Halloween time. 

Take part in the bone-chilling ghost tour experience in the city. From vast mansions to courthouses, there are plenty of options to get your Ghostbuster on. Explore the likes of Antwerp Mansion in Rusholme, Manchester Cathedral and even Wythenshawe Hall. 

Seek out the MCR monsters this year

Every year, the MCR monsters come out to play on Halloween, so look out for these mischievous beings around the city. You can't miss them during Manchester's Halloween season! They were last seen in 2022, but who knows - and they are making their way around the well-known buildings in the city in 2023 too. Keep an eye out when you're around this Halloween in Manchester.

MCR monsters back in October 25th, 2023 with more information at Visit Manchester.

Take part in Breakout's scary escape rooms


Breakout has made an impact by creating some of the most interactive - and downright terrifying - escape rooms in the UK. 

Test your mental capabilities with a partner or group of like-minded individuals as you embark on a challenge to escape Breakout's most hair-raising escape rooms. We've even partnered with Breakout, so guests staying at CitySuites can receive 10% off of their booking at Breakout Manchester!

Show off your costume at various fancy dress parties

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your capabilities of fancy/costume dressing. In Manchester, there are commonly lots of fancy-dress parties to let you show off what you have. 

Halloween parties are vast this year, ranging from R&B to rave-themed events. Get lost in the options.

Halloween sip and paint at Whitworth Locke

Prepare for a night of painting and sipping wine, and escape the dreary evening in Manchester. The theme for this event will be Annie Dalton's Starry Night Scream, creating a perfect atmosphere for Halloween that is both themed and relaxing. 

Find out more and get your tickets through Eventbrite, and have a fantastic time at Paint Starry Night Scream! 

Attend the Festival of Fantastic Films 

An evening packed full of content celebrating the history of the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre, the Festival of Fantastic Films is the perfect way to spend Halloween for movie fans. Let the evening weave its enchantment over you as you and other attendees are welcomed to a night showcasing an array of horror, sci-fi and fantasy short films from around the world!

Take part in The Silence of the Baths

Victoria Baths will be hosting a silent disco evening, setting a fun and interesting take on traditional Halloween nights. Displayed in a once-abandoned building, the Silence of the Baths will create an exciting fright night filled with shared joy, thrills and laughter. 

The Silence of the Baths will take place through Girls on Film. Take a look at their event today!

Pumpkin picking and carving in Manchester


You can take your children - or anyone who you think might enjoy - to the Cockfields farm pumpkin festival, and get stuck into the spirit of Halloween. 

Pick your own pumpkin and carve it at the Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival this year!

Take Halloween to digital heights

Take part in Data Horror Stories, where you can share your scary data-based tales among a group with their own heart-pounding experience regarding data being breached, lost, or collected incorrectly. In an age where data is consistently being monitored, it's easy to run into a nightmarish scenario where your information is left in a vulnerable place. 

Attend the event, and be wary of data breaches! 

A fun-filled Halloween Party right in Manchester

Expect many monster-themed events throughout the night, including raves, dances, and parties. The most notable event is the Halloween Party happening in the Denton Labour Club within Denton. 

Book the family-friendly Halloween event today.

Get some laughs at a Halloween comedy night


Who says Halloween has to be about scares and frights? This Halloween, So Hilarious at Feel Good Club will be hosting a themed comedy night - for women, LGBTQI+ and non-binary folks to express their comedy material to a live audience! 

Get tickets for the hauntingly hilarious comedy night with Feel Good Club.

Find haunted spots within the city

Can you even say you spent Halloween right without visiting some of the spookiest spots in Manchester? This year, venture out into the city and witness some of the creepiest places you can find within the heart of Manchester city centre. One of these spots includes the nearby Cathedral in Exchange Square - legend says a terrifying hound with red eyes and ghostly fur haunts the place! 

Want to find more haunted areas? Check out the guide by

A Psychic Night in Knutsford


Dive into an enchanted evening at this psychic night with Sara Stirrup. This Halloween, join Sara as she delves into the realm known as the "other side", creating an extraordinary experience for those daring to take part in the mystical world of spiritual connection and clairvoyance. 

Take part in this Halloween event, and get your tickets today.

A Frighteningly Fun Halloween In Manchester

The city's near-endless Halloween events are always a spectacle to look forward to every year. Manchester has an annual list of events happening in or around Halloween, and if you want to take part in the scarier moments that the city has to offer - whether it's parties, games, activities or haunted affairs - then your choice to spend Halloween in Manchester is the right one.

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