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Manchester's 7 Best Walking Tours


Do you have an interest in Manchester as a city? With efficient transport links across the area, it's now easier than ever to explore the Northern heart of England. But if you want a more organised tour, take a look at the variety of walking tours available in Manchester. 

Is Manchester A Walkable City?

One of the best things about Manchester is that it's a very walkable city. The centre is compact and packed full of historical sites, independent shops, and some of the best museums in the UK. So seeing everything you want to in a short amount of time is fairly easy.

This also explains why there are so many excellent walking tours in Manchester. From free walking tours of Manchester to routes inclusive of food, breweries, and Manchester's musical heritage, there is something for everyone!

We've selected 7 of the best Manchester walking tours for you to enjoy!

Free Manchester Walking Tour

One of the most popular options to see the sights of Manchester is via free walking tours. One of the best in the city takes place at 11am from the Alan Turing Memorial in Sackville Gardens. There, you’ll be greeted by someone from Free Manchester Walking Tours and shown some of the city’s top attractions and hidden gems, including Manchester Cathedral, John Rylands Library, and the Gay Village. No booking is necessary!


Scranchester Tours In Manchester2

Scranchester Tour

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and perhaps the same can be said of a city… in which Manchester will win your heart over through its incredible food scene. In case you didn’t know, ‘scran’ is Manchester slang for ‘food’, and there will be a lot of that on the Scranchester Tour! Starting at 11:30am, the tour is approximately 3.5 hours, in which time you’ll explore the best food and drink stories of the city, from the ice cream vendors of Ancoats’ Little Italy to the birth of vegetarianism. Arrive hungry and prepare to feed your brain and your belly!


Manchester Silent Disco Adventures

Manchester Music Tours

Want to learn more about your favourite Mancunian bands and artists? The award-winning Manchester Music Tours, created by Inspiral Carpets’ late drummer Craig Gill, give a fascinating overview of some of the city’s best bands, from Oasis to The Stone Roses. Since Craig’s passing in 2016, the tours are now delivered by his wife, Rose Gill, who is preserving his legacy – as well as the rich creative, musical history of Manchester. The tours often sell out, so booking is essential.


Bridgewater Canal Tours

Browse through Bridgewater Canal's interesting, historical walking tours. Touring a variety of areas with the likes of Worsley and RHS Bridgewater, the programmes available will provide an educational and fun way to explore the well-established canals in various Manchester locations. 


Jonathan Schofield Tour

The Secrets of Heaton Hall and Park

Focusing on the elegant house found at Heaton Park, the circular Cupola Room will be open for tours via the Secrets of Heaton Hall and Park. This tour includes a rare visit inside the house where guests can experience the opulent interiors of the park hall, as well as a tour of the park and its mesmerising natural landscape. 


The Ancoats Explorer

A culinary tour in Ancoats that explores the industrial suburb's history with goods and services, The Ancoats Explorer shows you the best of the city's independent eateries, bars, and more. The tour tells the story of how a scattering of farms and cottages transformed into a populated landscape - a history of Victorian Street gangs, Italian ice cream empires and, interestingly, satanic mills. Take a tour of one of Manchester's hippest neighbourhoods. 


Mcr Taxi Tours

Invisible Manchester

Feel like taking a tour while making a difference? Invisible Manchester are a social enterprise dedicated to training people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides. These tours offer an alternative, socially-minded experience of the city. A distinctive experience away from the grand skyscrapers and monuments, and into a deeper insight into the lesser-known corners of Manchester.


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