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Our Guide To Manchester City Centre Shops


Manchester is known for many things; its booming music scene, the dazzling nightlife, and its vast shopping options! The city is a hub for its fantastic retail therapy. Whether you're window shopping or you're ready to purchase, the massive range in Manchester is hard to beat! 

In this blog, we'll take you through the city's giant shopping culture.

There's a great selection of stores that lets you shop to your heart's content. Looking for something more high-profile? Or maybe you simply want a shopping centre that offers a wide range of shopping options? Whatever you're in the market for, Manchester has the right places for you to explore. 

Where To Shop In Manchester City Centre


Manchester is known as a premium shopping district in the UK, with several spots for ideal shopping experiences. 

Shopping areas like Manchester Arndale and Market Street offer a fantastic selection of branded clothing stores, British department shops, and iconic retail venues. 

We'll go into detail on various areas like the ones mentioned, as well as hidden gem shops you can find around Manchester 

Best Retail Shopping Area in Manchester City Centre

Manchester's retail experience is more than convenient. You'll get tonnes of options when you want to buy something fashionable and affordable. 


To start this off, we'll take you through the most known retail shopping areas in Manchester, from start to finish. 

Let's start with one of Manchester's busiest streets, Market Street! 

Market Street

This area holds some of the most well-known retail shopping centres in Manchester. These centres include Primark (right next to the Market Street tram station), Skechers and even Uniqlo. 

Further down Market Street are more quality clothing and retail stores such as H&M, Adidas, Dr Martens and Schuh! As well as other stores that sell diverse goods (like O2, Boots and so on). 

Continuing down Market Street, you'll eventually come across Marks & Spencers, which is ideal for both clothing and grocery shopping! 

Manchester Arndale

This massive indoor shopping centre contains some of the most reliable and affordable retail clothing shops in Manchester.

Depending on where you enter the shop, you'll be greeted with different stores available. To make it easier, let's start with the entrance to Market Street. Making your way inside, you'll be met with All Saints - just across the Metro Bank. Going further in, you'll find stores that can help with everyday life, such as Wilkos, The Works, and Aldi, as well as international stores like Kenji. 

You'll be met with food stores like Subway, Bagel Factory and others along the way, and if you keep going, you'll eventually reach the other side of Arndale. You'll find stores on both floors that contain premium-quality clothing and footwear in this area, including Superdry, Hollister, and Next! 

Making your way back to the entrance, you'll find jewellery stores (such as Beaverbrooks and Pandora), and technology stores (such as Currys).

You can spend your whole day shopping here, as the centre is quite vast in terms of size and the number of shops available.

High-Street & Luxury Shopping Areas in Manchester


Manchester's luxury shopping areas are among the most popular locations that tourists often visit. Its lush shopping experiences and lavish stores are located right in the heart of Manchester - and other retail stores are also not too far if needed! 


Not too far from Market Street is Selfridges.

You'll be met with a feeling of absolute luxury when you enter Selfridges, with its sophisticated decor, multiple floors and classy staff.

Selfridges is located in Exchange Square, located in New Cathedral Street (more on this later). Selfridges sell a wide range of bags, clothing, technology and jewellery - with choices of brands too!

Fashion brands also include Canada Goose, Chanel, Gucci and Balenciaga. 

New Cathedral Street

This street contains the high-profile shopping centres you would expect in Harrod's, London. 

Located in the same area as Selfridges, New Cathedral Street has a diverse range of luxury branded shops, including Burberry, Harvey Nichols, UGG and Hugo Boss. This street is placed within Manchester's famous shopping district and is often visited by those in the market for branded products. 

Exchange Street

If you move through New Cathedral Street and cross the road when you reach Marks & Spencers, you'll eventually reach Exchange Street, another premium shopping area. 

This is, in a way, an extension of New Cathedral Street. It includes known, lavish brands such as Swarovski, French Connection and Moss Bros. 

There are also more options once you enter the Royal Exchange Arcade, you'll be greeted with a mix of retail stores, including the Swiss Watch Shop, Nu Era, and Mays Jewellers.

Hidden Shopping Gems in Manchester 


Manchester's retail therapy doesn't stop at Exchange Street. The vastness of the city means that there are several retail centres that you might miss out on - but don't worry, we'll cover as many hidden gems as we can! 

Paramount Books 

Are you into reading, or know someone that is? Paramount books will be the ideal place to shop in. This store holds a great array of books, from classical to contemporary readings. 

In an age where technology is taking over, it's nice to see that there are stores that keep the classical feeling of reading a book alive. Paramount books offer an atmosphere of nostalgia, like when you first visited your local library when you were younger. 

Barton Arcade

This arcade is located between Exchange Street and Deansgate and was beautifully restored with decorative tiled floors and various shops that extend from its entrances to its exits. 

This place is relatively difficult to find. However, this alleyway is full of worthwhile shops (such as Classic Football Shirts and William Hunt).


An indoor market located in the Northern Quarter, this junction offers dozens of independent stalls and boutiques that offer high-quality products. 

Afflecks is known as the "independent shopping emporium", usually packed full of independent traders that provide quality products for their customers. 

Afflecks operate over 60 small shops within its market and can range from art prints to creative clothing.

Notable Shopping Centres


If you plan on venturing outside of the city, there are other worthy shopping areas to mention. 

Trafford Centre 

Trafford Centre is a world-renowned shopping centre, containing a wide variety of retail, department and branded stores within it. 

While it's a distance away from CitySuites, the drive to the centre is well worth it. You have a food court to enjoy which includes well-known and international eats, and Chill Factore a literal walk away from the centre.

Quayside Media City

Quayside is considered to be a smaller shopping centre, but the area does not decline in quality compared to other entries. Quayside in Media City is a waterside shopping district that offers a range of fantastic clothing and home stores. 

Outside of Quayside, you can enjoy other entertainment activities such as the Lowry Theatre, Imperial War Museum and tourist sites (like the BBC and ITV building) to spend your day. 

Is Manchester Good For Shopping? 

Absolutely! The city boasts numerous shopping districts - as we've highlighted in this post, so whether you're seeking independent retail stores to luxury shopping areas, Manchester can deliver the right shopping experience for you. 

Where Will You Shop In Manchester? 

It's no surprise that Manchester is a shopper's paradise. The abundance of options for all styles and budgets makes the area a haven for those who enjoy shopping. From high-street stores to independent boutiques, to busy markets and grand shopping centres, Manchester is considered one of the top cities for shopping. 


We hope this blog post has provided you with useful insights into Manchester's giant shopping culture. Whether you're an international visitor or local to the UK, Manchester's retail therapy is something worth exploring for a day or two - and it's worth noting that we have a great selection of apartments at CitySuites I and CitySuites II available for your stay if needed.

From deluxe studios to luxury family apartments, you can book a stay with CitySuites to enhance your visit!

Happy shopping!

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