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Healthy Takeaways in Manchester and Surrounding Areas


So we find ourselves in lockdown once more, which makes dinner and drinks at a restaurant a no-go. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that takeaways and home food delivery demand has soared. We’re so lucky in Manchester to have so many options for takeaway food. You’d be challenged to find a cuisine not available to you in Manchester (even if you're looking for a restaurant that's more romantic). 

But what if you’re still sticking with those resolutions, eating better and don’t fancy burning thousands of calories on fast food?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve done some digging and uncovered some of Manchester’s best takeaways with healthy options.

Take a look!

Twisted Health Kitchen - Manchester Arndale


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One that’s still delivering through Uber Eats, Twisted Health Kitchen offers a range of “fit boxes,” wraps, protein bowls and burritos. You can easily find something to eat here that won’t derail your eating plan.

Delivers within a few miles of Manchester City Centre (through Uber Eats). Pop your postcode in to see if they deliver to you.

The Green Lab - Northern Quarter

This is one for the day time deliveries (when WFH has you craving that Dominos lunch). Open from breakfast until 3pm, you can get super healthy lunch and breakfast options here including nutrition bowls, snacks, wraps, and juices. There’s a range of warming broths for the wintery lunchtimes too.

The nutrition bowls are a revelation. Pick your base, toppers, protein and fillers and they’ll mix it up from you. Super nutritious with fantastic ingredients. 

The Green Lab delivers through Deliveroo to within a few miles of its Northern Quarter HQ.

Chia Protein Bar 

Chia Protein Bar has offered a healthy meal prep service for some time and now promotes its food as a healthy alternative to your weekend takeaway and they’ll deliver across much of Manchester and Stockport.

The menu is so nutritious that we felt healthier after just reading it!

It’s a simple build-your-own-box premise where you choose a protein (from cajun chicken, halloumi, falafel, steak or salmon), add a carb and then three types of veggies to create a perfectly balanced meal.

In addition, there are burritos and some breakfast options on the menu too.

You find all the information you need about the delivery service here.

The Athenian Plant Based - Salford

The Athenian Tooting Market 033

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The Athenian is a vegan eatery that takes a traditionally meaty Greek dish vegan. That’s right. The Athenian specialises in plant based Souvlaki. They offer boxes and pittas (so you can take or leave the carbs). And if the user reviews are anything to go by, this is one healthy-eating friendly takeaway you won’t want to miss.

They’re doing delivery through Deliveroo

Freshly Chopped - Piccadilly Gardens

A collection only option for those of you local to Manchester City Centre. Freshly Chopped’s signature offering is the “Choppito,” a healthy take on a burrito with a build your own spin. You choose your salad and protein and whether you want it wrapped or in a bowl. Acai bowls, a soup of the day and smoothies with more vitamins that most of us might consume in a week finish the menu.

Check out the menu here.

Papu’s Place - City Centre

Based on Peter Street, Papu’s Place is a Greek Restaurant offering delivery within a few miles of its location.

There are some great options on the menu for those who want to watch what they’re eating including Pitta Wraps, Souvlaki and Smoothies. The Mezze plates appear particularly popular with reviewers!

Delivery is through Deliveroo

Black Leaf at Alvarium - Dorsey Street

Offering a collection only takeaway service from its central location, Black Leaf at Alvarium describes itself as a “subterranean vegan kitchen.” Its takeaway menu includes plenty of healthy options including flatbreads and aubergine steak. And if you’re eating with someone who’d rather not watch what they’re eating, then just order them a side of chips!

Vertigo Plant Based Eatery - Cross Street

Vertigo has a great combination of vegan menu offerings that include plenty of options for those who want to stay on track with health eating plus something to satisfy those looking for a treat! Its menu is completely vegan and includes jackfruit chilli and rice as well as vegan burgers and fries for cheat day.

Delivering within a few miles of the city centre through Just Eat.

Pho - Manchester

Pho Pwf 1120 1

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We feel like it’s a bit of a cheat to include chains, but we’re finishing this round up with two of them because it feels crazy not to include such fantastic favourites that can be healthy options too.

Pho’s Veitnamese Street food is available for delivery through Deliveroo at the moment.

They offer a phenomenally detailed nutritional breakdown of their full menu here so if you’re trying to track what you’re eating accurately it’s an appealing choice of delivery.

Menu favourites include the Vietnamese Salads and the noodle soups. And we counted over a dozen sub-400 calorie options.

Guilt free!

Nando’s - Across the City

As it happens, that “cheeky” Nando’s might not be as cheeky as you thought it was. Another chain, we know. But the nation’s favourite piri piri chicken is a great home delivery option.

Like Pho, Nando’s has a really detailed nutritional information when you click on any menu item. And as it happens, you can quite easily get a sub 500 calorie meal from the UK’s favourite chicken stop.

They’re delivering through Deliveroo at the moment.


Manchester’s a great place to eat whatever your dietary requirements. And the city’s food and drink outlets have seen to it that watching your diet doesn’t mean ditching the deliveries. So get yours ordered and enjoy. 

If you're staying in CitySuites, you can get both healthy and delicious food when you go book a table at Embankment Kitchen.

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