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Staying Fit With CitySuites: Benefits Of Aparthotel Gym Facilities


Fitness is important for many people, and whether they're at home or on the go, lots of individuals are always looking to enhance their exercise regimes. 


Hotel gyms provide a standard way to ensure that you keep track of your fitness goals. With dozens of hotels providing a useful fitness area in most cities, it's often underused. 

At CitySuites, we explain the vast benefits of in-house aparthotel gyms for guests staying at hotels, serviced apartments, and so on.

Convenience Of Hotel Gyms

Using the gym during your stay away from home makes it easier for travellers to keep track of their fitness. There are lots of benefits you can expect from gyms like these. 

If you're looking for a list of apartments with gyms included, take a look at CitySuites' very own gym! Available in both CitySuites I and CitySuites II.


Eliminates the need for an exterior gym

You can save time trying to find an exterior gym outside of where you're staying, so finding a hotel with a fitness area is a massive plus for those that want to keep fit while they're away. The challenge of maintaining your exercise whenever you're travelling is often finding a place that's conveniently close to where you're staying - but with a hotel gym, that problem is diminished! 

Helps keep your motivation up

For fitness enthusiasts, motivation for exercise can come and go, but the availability will often get rid of the block of trying to find another gym close by. This is particularly helpful if you have a busy travel itinerary and don't want to waste time commuting to a gym. 

This is helpful if you have a busy itinerary, which is often the case whenever people travel. Not that we're stopping you from enjoying your time away! But the option of a hotel gym is usually a bonus.

Become more sustainable 

Hotels with well-designed gyms are technically more sustainable because you're minimising travel via transport or cars. Accommodations that have no fitness areas will often require guests to travel further away using local transport or their own vehicles, so an in-house gym as an option will always have the upper hand when it comes to sustainable practices. 

Not to mention, most city stays are usually opting for more eco-friendly features, and it's likely that automatic lighting, ventilated interiors and other features will be included. 

Sustainability is becoming bigger for the hospitality industry, and we're glad to say that CitySuites is always looking for ways to be environmental. Read more about our environmental commitment.

Commonly more exclusive

Gyms in hotels have the benefit of having exclusive access for guests only, meaning that the gym is freer, with less waiting for equipment, and a more seamless experience for those staying in those buildings. 

Because these gyms are not open to the public, it's difficult for them to fill up quickly. This means more space for you to do whatever you need to do!

Access To High-Quality Equipment


Positive features of hotel/apartment gyms often stem from the quality of the equipment that guests will have access to. 

Hotels with gyms have equipment from high-quality suppliers

Leisure accommodations that have gyms will require quality suppliers for their fitness areas to ensure guests have the ideal experience with their added amenities. 

Suppliers such as Matrix are often used in any gym as they provide equipment with excellent quality throughout UK gyms. So, look out for this when you're searching for a hotel with sufficient gym equipment!

High-tech equipment that can help with experience

Usually, gyms in serviced accommodations will include high-tech equipment to help with their fitness. These often include things like trackers and heart monitors, ensuring that guests have everything they need for their exercises. 



For those in need of a flexible selection of gym machines, hotel gyms will often deliver these for guests to ensure that their exercise plans are met as fully as possible. 

Variety of fitness equipment

Hotels will often provide more options for equipment that can accommodate various exercises. With machines such as treadmills and different push-and-pull equipment, guests will have a range of options when they exercise. 

Option for changing fitness regime

Flexibility also means more options for changing your fitness routine, but this will obviously depend on the number of machines available for workouts in your serviced accommodation. But, if your place of stay does hold different equipment, you'll be free to switch up your usual routine into something else that will give you a challenge. 

Make Your Stay More Valuable

Gyms in hotels, hostels and serviced apartments are an incredibly valuable resource for those looking to keep themselves active and healthy while they're away from home. A business traveller, someone taking a leisure holiday or anyone currently living in serviced apartments can greatly benefit from a resource like this, helping them keep track of their fitness levels while travelling.

Don't forget that there are leisure accommodations out there that offer more than just gym facilities. CitySuites, for example, provide luxury swimming and spa pool areas in our buildings, for anyone that wants to take a dip in our 18-metre pool or relax at our spa baths. 

Be sure to take advantage of the provided features of the hotels you're staying at! 


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