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14 Best Date Ideas In Manchester For Valentine's Day (2024)


A date night is an ideal way to reignite the spark between you and your partner or a fun evening with someone you met through Hinge, a friend, or so on. 


CitySuites' Picks For A Romance-Filled Evening

We had a look around and found a number of great options for an evening full of fun, relaxation, or even competition. Whether you want something easy-going or something more surprising, out list is for you. We've compiled 14 (in-theme, right?) best date ideas for you and your partner or date to try. 

We won't waste any time and get right into it! 


1. Overnight Stay at Luxury Hotels

Want a night of privacy, mixed with luxury? Then an overnight stay at Manchester's many luxury accommodations is the right choice. The city has plenty of options, including an exclusive spa, as well as a luxury aparthotel with an on-site restaurant, serving Valentine's-themed dishes. If you're set on a luxury stay with your partner, consider our aparthotel! 


2. Paint a Pic

No experience necessary, all materials provided, on-site bar and the perfect activity for the couple that wants to get into art. Paint-a-Pic has lots of romance-themed sessions this coming February, too. From Romantic Landscape to Love Tree! (Subject to availability).


3. Couples Spa In Manchester

Spas are a great way to relax with your other half, and luckily, Manchester has plenty of spas to choose from. Like lavish accommodations, spas are extensive across the city. We recommend King Street Townhouse's couple's spa experience to soothe the heart. 


4. Alcotraz Block 3-4

Okay, maybe spending a date night inside a cell isn't the most romantic thing you can do, but luckily - it's only a themed bar! Alcotraz Manchester is an interactive cocktail bar where you'll be taken in as convicts, smuggle in your own drinks, and get served unique cocktails by seasoned inmates! An incredible experience, but just be careful not to get caught by the Warden! 


5. Comedy Club

Laugh out loud with your significant other, or impress a date by going to one of Manchester's best comedy clubs, Frog & Bucket! Featuring lots of up-and-coming comedians local to Manchester, Frog & Bucket takes away the pressure and replaces it with laughs and giggles. A perfect option for any date night. 


6. Cuddle Up At Everyman

Everyman Cinema Manchester is a lovely way to spend a date night. Everyman may look like a typical cinema from the outside, but what makes them unique is their lounge seats. You'll essentially be sitting in couches while you watch one of their many showings. A perfect opportunity to cuddle up and be closer with your other half. 



7. Brush Up On History

Are either you, your partner, or both, into history and culture? Manchester has an array of museums to choose from that are all rich in culture and exhibitions that highlight important historical moments. From the Science & Industry to the People's History Museum, there's plenty to choose from. We've made a list of them below, so get yourselves booked in! 


8. A Valentine's Day Dinner 

You can't beat a classic dinner to spend on dates, right? Well for date nights in Manchester, that's especially true! The city is brimming with fun dinner date locations, from ones with sophisticated menus, to ones with unique cocktails and dishes. If you're interested, you can view our most romantic restaurants list to get you started.  


9. Couple's Yoga 

A couple's yoga is great to become physically in-tune. Yoga Soul is a fantastic community that can get you and your partner started with the activity, and what better way for a date night than a session of physical and mental improvement? Check out what sessions are available with Yoga Soul this 2024.


10. Jam it out at Blues Kitchen 

More of a music fan? Then we cannot recommend Blues Kitchen enough for a date night. With consistent live music throughout each month, Blues Kitchen is a feature worth its own article. The variety of upcoming artists playing within the bar makes the venue much more magical for a romantic evening.




11. Boom Battle Bar

Enter the battleground at the Boom Battle Bar, for all competitive couples who have a romantic rivalry going on. Boom Battle Bar has a host of games to choose from for a potential date night, from an easy karaoke showdown to a more intense axe-throwing competition. Book your next game below.


12. Gin Making For Two

A fan of Gin? Us too! That's why we want to show couples visiting Manchester an opportunity to make their own Gin at Manchester's finest Gin tasting distillery. It's an excellent time to spend with your significant other, or date! 




13. Virtual Hideout Manchester

Virtual Hideout, a virtual reality hub that provides a VR gaming experience for all visitors. Have a partner that's into gaming? Or maybe you're both techies that like to see all unique experiences like VR? Either way, we can recommend Virtual Hideout to all couples out there. Book your place below. 


14. Explore Scenic Areas

Stroll along some of Greater Manchester's most scenic areas as a couple, and explore the massive options for greeneries around (and further ahead from) the city centre. It's an incredible experience for a date, and with a lot to select from, you'll be sure to have a relaxing time getting to know, or rekindling the flame. 


Manchester: A City Full Of Date Night Ideas

Whether you've been to Manchester or not, we can safely say that it's an incredible place to take someone on a date night. It has it all; the restaurants are booming with more entries making their way onto 2024, the bars are unique and quirky to ease the nerves, and there's hikes and walks for anyone who might want something slightly away from the city. 


Regardless of where you go, we're confident you can make it work! And Manchester is the perfect place to take your loved one on a date. 

Best of luck! (Keep an eye on our blogs if you'd like more ideas on what to do in Manchester City Centre). 

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