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7 Things To Do While Raining In Manchester


This year, we've seen extensive rain throughout summer, which is - in simple words - disappointing. 

However, rain doesn't mean excitement and fun has to fizzle out. A misty day in Manchester can add to its charm!

Don't believe us? Don't worry. We've created this post to specifically show you and everyone else the options Manchester visitors have during the rainy season. 


Why Does It Always Rain In Manchester? 

According to Metro UK, the rain is due to a "southern shift of the jet stream" which has caused "low-pressure systems directed towards the UK" which has brought about cooler weather. 

It makes sense as high pressure southwards across Europe has also resulted in severe warmer weather in parts of the continent. 

So It's Raining In The City... What Can You Do In Manchester?

Fortunately, there are lots of experiences to look forward to even if the rain is pouring down the city. You can expect interactive activities, indoor tours, shopping centres and other rain-less ventures you can do while the city is covered in grey skies. 

Manchester is one of the few cities in the UK prepared during a rainy day. Perfect for those who came to visit the city, but didn't foresee rain and dark clouds spread across the sky. 

Rainy Day Ideas And Activities In The City

Keep yourselves dry while nature takes its course on a rainy Manchester with these activities:

Football Stadium Tours/Matches


Manchester is known for its culture surrounding Football, and a rich history with the sport. With two great football teams; Manchester United and Manchester City Football Club, the city has evolved into a landscape that delivers exciting football matches, museums, and merchandise. 

For anyone interested in football, the history surrounding it or to simply catch the electricity in football games, Manchester is the right place to go to. We'd go on to say that games during rainy seasons add to the incredible enthusiasm fans have! 

Indoor Games


When we're talking indoor games, we're talking bowling, darts, interactive experiences and the lot. Fortunately, Manchester has plenty of those going on! 

From Roxy Ball Room's numerous game options, to escape rooms at Breakout, the options are near-endless when it comes to indoor games. Avoid the rain and get competitive with the various game venues available in the city.

Check Out Interiors Of Historical Architecture


Manchester is full of history. Stories of the Industrial Revolution and its Victorian era are just some of the interesting pieces in Manchester's history book. The city's history is also reflected in the vast architecture that you can find around Manchester's neighbourhoods. 

Check out the likes of Manchester Cathedral, John Ryland Library and various universities found within the city.

The Vast Museums 


The city boasts diverse museums for both children and adults, as well as families and everyone else in between. 

The most notable museums available include the Science & Industry Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and the People's History Museum. There are plenty to sink your teeth into - and the best part? Lots of these are free to access. Check out the best museums found in Manchester to help plan your rainy day in Manchester! 

Book A Gig Or Musical 


Different theatres and venues available in Manchester mean great options for musicals, plays, concerts, and other shows for you to enjoy while the rain pours down outside. 

It's a good time to look into what's playing this year (lots of fantastic musicals this year, for example!), as there are sure to be tonnes of incredible shows going on throughout your time in Manchester.

Visit Distilleries


Distilleries of a town often reflect its history, people and culture. This is why we highly recommend visiting one of Manchester's popular breweries - whether you're into whiskey or gin, there are lots of places for you to explore. 

Don't forget to tour the distilleries when you get the time (there are some great gin distillery tours in Manchester to look forward to!).

You Can't Beat Shopping!


While there are lots of shops that can be accessed outside, there are also shops you can get into when you're inside. 

You've got plenty of shopping options indoors when it comes to Manchester. Arndale is the better example, but if you want to look at the range of shopping districts available, you can also opt for the likes of Affleck, as well as Trafford Centre! 

Why Does It Always Rain In Manchester?

We aren't experts when it comes to weather patterns and meteorology by any means. However, Manchester Mill's research suggests that climate change and its effects on a global level are heavily affecting Manchester's weather.  


There's nothing worse than checking the BBC Weather App and finding out that your visit to Manchester is going to be full of rain. But, we disagree to an extent. 

While your plans might become limited, finding out ways to get around the rain can - in many ways - make your experience better. We all know you can't beat a sunny afternoon, but a cosy tea or coffee, while the rain hits the roof, can be just as comforting. Plus, the rain makes you appreciate the drier days, to say the least!


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