Date of posting: April 2020

    1. The Company may delegate the performance of its obligations to City Suites Management Limited as its appointed agent or any other person or company but remains liable to the Occupier.
    2. Where two or more persons are together the Occupier they are each responsible in full for all obligations, such liability being joint and several.
    1. The Occupier agrees:- to pay the Company for the duration of the Occupancy Period at the agreed rate
    2. to pay for additional services at the specified rate on the next Payment Date or if earlier the last day of this agreement
    3. all payments are to be made in full without counterclaim or set off
    4. all payments will be made by credit or debit card or any other method in accordance with the Company's stated booking and payment procedures
    5. all payments will be made in pounds sterling (GBP)
    6. the Company does not accept cash as a method of payment.
    7. to provide via a credit card on booking a pre-authorisation which will be used to settle any outstanding charges.
    8. please note, for security purposes, we will ask you to present the card used at the time of the booking, and a form of ID on check-in
  3. If the Occupier is more than 7 days late in paying the Company any Payment due in accordance with this Agreement, then the Company reserves the right to:-
    1. demand payment for the whole of the Occupancy period remaining under this Agreement in full rather than by instalments, and
    2. charge the Occupier a reasonable administration charge (currently £30) each time the Occupier is contacted by the Company in respect of any payment which has been outstanding for more than 7 days. Please note such administration charge may be subject to increase in the event if the Company engages a collection agent to pursue debt from the Occupier on its behalf, and
    3. collect payment from the Occupier’s credit card in accordance with the pre-authorisation obtained from the Occupier at the time of booking, or
    4. terminate this Agreement with immediate effect in the event the Occupier is unable to remedy a breach of the payment terms following all reasonable efforts of the Company to obtain payment.
  4. Occupiers can be required to confirm their identity at check in through production of a passport, photographic driving licence, identity card or similar documentation. Occupiers who are not UK citizens can be required to provide evidence of their right to visit, live in or work in the UK. No booking will constitute a binding agreement with the Company until this information has been provided. This information may be retained for up to 12 months and may be disclosed to any authority having a legal right to require.
  5. Check-in is available from 15.00 on the first day of the Occupancy Period and check out must be no later than 11.00.
    1.   Early check in service is available from 9 am for a fee of £50. This service is subject to availability. No guarantee can be made prior to arrival for early check in. An additional charge of £50 per room applies.
    2. Late check-out service is available, extending the standard check out time from 11 am until 6 pm. This service is subject to availability. No guarantee can be made prior to arrival for early check in. An additional charge of £50 per room applies.
  6. For any Occupancy Period of 6 months or more, the Occupier will pay the Company at the time of booking, the non-refundable stated fee for the procurement of a credit reference in respect of the Occupier. The following Cancellation policy/charges shall apply: Minimum of 24 hours (1 days) notice required to guarantee free cancellation for reservations up to 28 nights. For bookings over 29 days, a 14-day notice is required to guarantee free cancellation.
  7. The termination or surrender of this Agreement does not cancel any outstanding obligation which the Occupier owes the Company. The Occupier acknowledges that (s)he has received and agrees to be bound by the General Rules of Occupation for the Building and the Apartment, a copy of which is included with this Occupation Agreement.
    1. Normal residential use of electricity, water and sewerage utility services is included within the Payment. The Company reserves the right to recharge the Occupier for non-residential or wholly unreasonable or excessive use of the utility services.
    2. A valid card is required to secure reservations. This is not charged at the time of booking. The card will be charged upon arrival or on arrival day automatically (including no-shows and late cancellations).
    1. The Company may terminate this Occupancy Agreement immediately if in the reasonable opinion of the Company the Occupier is in material breach of this agreement or the General Rules of Occupation, or if the Occupier; severely disrupts the occupation of any other person, causes damage deliberately or recklessly to the Apartment or the Building, interferes with the operation of the Company's business or causes offence to any other occupier or member of staff, and no repayment or compensation for loss of accommodation or expenses shall be required.
    1. The Company will allow the Occupier use of the Apartment and the right (shared with others) to use the Building Common Parts during the Occupancy Period for as long as the Occupier complies with the Occupier's obligations under this Occupancy Agreement.
    2. Use of any Apartment is not exclusive and the Company reserves the right on reasonable notice to relocate the Occupier to an equivalent or superior Apartment at no extra cost
    3. If through circumstances beyond the control of the Company an Apartment becomes unusable then the Company may relocate the Occupier to any Apartment within the Building provided that:-
      1. there will be no extra charge for an Apartment of equivalent or higher specification and a pro rata reduction in charges for an Apartment of a lesser specification;
      2. the Occupier will be entitled to terminate this agreement if the alternative accommodation is of a lesser standard and (unless and to the extent that the Occupier has prejudiced the Company's insurance and loss of income protection) be refunded a pro rata proportion of any sums paid in advance
  10. The Company will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Occupier with a standard of specification and amenity in the Building Common Parts commensurate with overall building design and impressions provided at the time of booking, however the Company reserves the right to make changes to the layout, décor, equipment and services featured in the Building Common Parts at its discretion and shall not be held in breach of this Occupancy Agreement as a result of any such changes.
  11. The Company also reserves the right to move the Occupier to alternative accommodation (which may be in a hotel) for the purpose of carrying out key works including periodic refurbishment or for the better management of the Building subject to the terms of this clause
    1. Where the Occupier is relocated during the Occupancy Period or accommodated in the Apartment or in any other Apartment within the Building after the end of the Occupancy Period in accordance with this agreement the particulars of the Apartment, Payment and Payment Dates on page 1 shall be varied accordingly and the terms of this Agreement shall otherwise apply as originally entered into forming one continuous agreement
    1. The occupier agrees: - to pay the sums due on the Payment Days
    2. to allow the Company access to the Apartment at reasonable times on reasonable notice or at any time in an emergency for the purposes of:
      1. viewing, inspection, repair, or concerns about the Occupier's welfare
      2. for repair, maintenance and remediation of any breach by the Occupier
    3. to keep the Apartment clean and tidy
    4. in accordance with the no-smoking legislation, CitySuites is a smoke free premises and smoking is not permitted. Smoking in an apartment will incur an additional cleaning charge of £140.00 to render the apartment smoke free.
    5. only to use the Apartment as private living accommodation by a single household
    6. not to allow anyone other than temporary guests to stay at the Apartment if they are not part of the Occupier's household
    7. not to allow more than 2 persons per bed to stay overnight in the Apartment
    8. not to cause or permit anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance to the Company or to other occupiers of the Building
    9. when this agreement comes to an end to return the Apartment and the Company's furnishings and appliances and effects in a good and clean and tidy condition (fair wear and tear expected)
    10. not to make any changes to the structure or décor of the Apartment and not to make any permanent fixings to any part of the Apartment
    11. to report the loss of any keys/fobs to the Apartment or the Building immediately to the Company of the Building and on termination of this Occupancy Agreement to immediately return all such key to the Company
    12. to comply with all reasonable regulations the Company may impose for the purposes of managing the Building as made and amended from time to time
    13. That should the Occupier wish to leave the Apartment for any reason prior to the end of the Occupancy Agreement, the Occupier shall still remain liable for all sums for the Apartment for the whole Occupancy Period, subject to Clause 2.4
    1. Should any term in this Agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable then the remainder of this Agreement and the application of such term shall not be affected thereby and each term of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by law.
    2. Notices to the Company should be addressed to the Company at CitySuites Manchester, 16 Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 7NH or such other address as is notified to the Occupier in writing
    1. At the end of this Agreement, the Occupier agrees to vacate the room and remove all of their belongings from the Company's premises and leave the Apartment and items in the same clean state and condition as they were at the beginning of this Agreement. The Company may sell any property left behind as the agent of the Occupier, the Occupier will indemnify the Company against any liability to a third party and if after 1 month from the net sale proceeds have not been claimed by the Occupier the Company shall be entitled to keep them.
    2. The Occupier will return to the Company all keys/fobs and for any such item not returned at the end of this Agreement the Occupier will pay to the Company the current administration replacement charges
    3. Logging personal information into the Smart TV's available at CitySuites is at the occupier's own risk. When leaving the property it is the occupier's responsibility to sign out of any area where personal information may be stored. This includes times when you access account or order information to review or change something.
    1. This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter to the formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.


Date of posting: October 2016

    1. Welcome to CitySuites a Service Apartment residence operated by City Suites Management Ltd (‘CSM’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ’us’ as applicable). For further information about us and our contact details please see paragraph 15, Contact Us below.
    2. These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) set out the terms that govern the service we provide to you (‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Occupier’, ‘Resident, ‘Guest’, as applicable) for the accommodation provided by the Landlords.
    3. These T&Cs together with our Terms of Use and Legal Notices, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy (collectively, the “Terms”) contain all the terms and conditions relating to the residence. Whether you are just visiting the residence or making a booking for an apartment (“Booking”), we recommend that you print or save a copy of these Terms for future reference.
    4. By making a Booking, you confirm that you accept these Terms and that you agree to comply with them. If you do not wish to be bound by what you read, you should not access, use or make a Booking.
    5. To make these T&Cs quicker to read, we use a few definitions. “Apartment” means a furnished studio, 1 bedroom apartment or 2 bed apartment in a serviced apartment residence owned by a Landlord; “Occupancy Agreement” means the agreement between you and the Landlord of an Apartment which you enter into when making a Booking; “Occupancy Period” means the permitted duration of your occupancy of an Apartment under the Occupancy Agreement; “Payment” means the amount payable by you (and any additional occupiers) for the use of the Apartment for the Occupancy Period as specified in the Occupancy Agreement. Other definitions are highlighted in bold text throughout these Booking T&Cs.
    6. Please read the Terms carefully as by Booking with us and by staying in an Apartment, you (and any specified additional occupier) will enter into a legally binding Occupancy Agreement with a Landlord, which is subject to a limited right of cancellation.
    7. Our website (“Website”), the information contained on it, these Booking T&Cs and any contracts made under or in connection with them (including the Occupancy Agreement) are provided in the English language only.
    8. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact us at
    1. eligibility to be eligible to make a Booking for an Apartment you must:
      1. be 18 years of age or over;
      2. have a right to reside in the UK and agree to providing supporting documentation on request;
      3. register on the Website by providing your real name, phone number, email address and other requested information;
    2. Charges and payment rates and charges quoted on the Website and in the Occupancy Agreement may be subject to VAT.
    3. Unless you have provided an alternative method of payment, we reserve the right to take payment from the credit/debit card you submit with your booking when monies are due, subject to card authorisation. You will also be requested to present the card submitted with your booking, along with a valid form of ID, upon arrival.
    4. Amending your Booking  If you wish to amend your booking after it has been confirmed, any changes are at our sole discretion, subject to availability and may be subject to payment of an additional fee. This does not affect your statutory rights including your right to cancel your Booking described under paragraph 8, Cancelling Your Booking.
    1. At the time of your Booking, we will require you to provide the details of your credit card or debit card. Whilst your card will not be charged at this time, by agreeing to our Booking T&C’s you agree to allow us to charge your card for any amounts which may be due from you to Us, including where:
      1. you have been invoiced by us for charges arising from your Occupancy Agreement and you have failed to make payment for a period of 7 days after the due date for payment;
      2. any outstanding Payment, additional charges or charges for any damage or loss to the Apartment or to the residence are owing after you have departed and where charges are made on your card, we will provide a statement to you.
    1. The Company does not accept cash as a method of payment.
    2. Please note, for security purposes, we will ask you to present the card used at the time of the booking, and a form of ID on check-in.
    3. When a booking is secured using a credit or debit card, the payment for accommodation will be taken on the day of arrival before check-in. If you have not paid for your room or any extras not paid in full, when reserving, will need to be paid on arrival. 
    4. Any additional room charges incurred during the stay may be charged against the card on guarantee the night before check-out or when checking-in. 
    5. If your booking is for an Occupancy Period of fewer than 28 days, we will require you to make your payment in full before the commencement of your Occupancy Period.
    6. If your booking is for an Occupancy Period in excess of 28 days, we will require you to make your payment either in full before the commencement of your Occupancy Period or monthly in advance.
    7. If your booking is for an Occupancy Period in excess of 6 months, we will require you to provide a credit reference report satisfactory to us. After you place your Booking, we will provide you with the credit reference details. You must complete the required information within 7 days of your booking otherwise you will be required to make payment in full prior to commencement or provide a guarantor.
    1. Subject to availability. Must reserve the room at least 30 days prior to arrival. Advance Purchase Non-Refundable Rate offers 10% per cent off Flexible Rate. No refunds for changes, cancellation or non-arrival on check-in date. Full payment in advance required. Your credit card will be charged between the time of booking and day of arrival for the total amount shown. The price and availability are not guaranteed until full payment is received. After full payment has been received, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice if there is any fraud or illegal activity associated with the payment made.
    2. Modification of Reservation: Price quoted applies to exact date(s)/nights/stay booked. Modifications to your reservation are not permitted.
    3. Early departure/cancellation: If you depart early or you cancel or fail to honour this reservation for any reason, a refund or credit will not be issued.
    4. Extending your stay: Subject to availability and new rates, the discounted rate will not apply.
    5. Price: inclusive of room rate and applicable taxes only.
    6. Other restrictions: minimum length of stay restrictions apply, can not be used in conjunction with any other offers and promotions and is not available to groups of more than 4 rooms, agencies, travel management companies, staff or any other agreed rates. This rate is non-commissionable. If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the scheduled arrival date, your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive any refund or credit. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read the above prepayment and cancellation policy when making your reservation.
    7. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read the above prepayment and cancellation policy when making your reservation.
    8. Please note, for security purposes, we will ask you to present the card used at the time of the booking, and a form of ID on check-in.
    9. All discounted rates are subject to availability and valid only at the time of quoting. 
    1. Any bookings including 3 apartments or more per party will be considered as a Group Booking
    2. Group bookings are subject to availability and may be cancelled by the Company
    3. If a booking needs to be cancelled the booker will be notified within 72 hours of placing the booking OR at least 7 nights prior to the arrival date, in writing, using the contact details entered at the time of the booking
    4. The Company reserves the right to collect a security deposit of £100 per Apartment, per night from any Group Bookings. The Apartment will be fully inspected post departure and if it is found to be maintained at the satisfactory standards, as presented on arrival, the Security Deposit will be refunded to the original method of payment.
    1. CitySuites cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of a CitySuites gift voucher after it has been issued. CitySuites reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. No photocopies will be accepted.
    2. Giftpro is a third party agent who we use to process and administer our customers’ orders for Vouchers made via the Website. Full for terms & conditions please visit the third-party website here. 
    3. The Voucher will detail how it can be redeemed. You are advised to contact us in order to arrange a date and time to enjoy the Product, and any such date and time shall be subject to availability.
    4. Vouchers are valid 48 hours after purchase for a maximum of 12 months. 
    5. Gift vouchers can be used to settle accounts at CitySuites, either in full or part payment, but change cannot be given. Vouchers can only be used up to a maximum of £7000 in any one transaction.
    1. Apartment types are classified by names – Studio, City View Studio, One Bedroom, City View One Bedroom, Premium City View One Bedroom, Family and Two Bedroom. The names are determined by the apartment type and factors including the number of bedrooms, view and location of the Apartment.
    2. The Names are provided as a guideline only and we do not guarantee the accuracy of those names.
    3. Whilst we make efforts to meet the Apartment preferences you specify during the booking process, we cannot guarantee to do so due to the limited availability of Apartments.
        1. The Executive Lounge is free to use for guests' staying at CitySuites between the hours of 6am and 10pm.
        2. CitySuites shall use reasonable endeavours to provide the Lounge facilities during the hours advised but reserves the right to vary the hours of operation without notice or close the Executive Lounge facilities.
        3. Not all Executive Lounge facilities accept children, where children are permitted access to the Executive Lounge they must be accompanied by an adult.
        4. The maximum party size that can book the Executive Lounge is fifty people. Any parties of eight or more persons must obtain authorisation.
        5. Stag and hen parties are strictly prohibited and will not be admitted to use the Executive Lounge facilities under any circumstances.
      1. For stays less than 7 days, CitySuites will only provide a biweekly towel change (3rd or 4th day of stay) and no housekeeping will be provided during the stay. If you require any additional cleaning services then contact reception. 24 hours' notice is required.
      2. For stays of 7 days or more, your apartment will receive a full weekly clean and towels will be changed twice a week.
      3. Bed linen will be changed once a week during the full weekly clean.
    1. Your right to cancel or amend your booking:
    2. If you have made a booking for an Occupancy Period of 1 night or over, whereas the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to this type of transaction, then:
    3. you may cancel or amend your Booking (and the Occupancy Agreement to which it relates) without charge providing you notify us in writing more than 2 days before commencement of the Occupancy Period. If you cancel or amend your Booking within this period we will refund any amounts paid by you for the accommodation, within twenty-eight (28) days of our receipt of your cancellation notice to the payment card you used to make the Booking;
    4. you may cancel or amend your Booking (and the Occupancy Agreement to which it relates) if you notify us in writing less than 2 days before commencement of the Occupancy Period or during the Occupancy Period but will be liable for the total Payment due under the Occupancy Agreement up to a maximum of 2 nights. Any Payment or cancellation charge due will be charged to the payment card you used to make the Booking.
    5. You may not cancel or amend your Booking outside of the periods specified in paragraph 8.1. After such periods, the Occupancy Agreement may only be cancelled in accordance with its terms:
    6. If you wish to cancel your Booking under paragraph 8.1, you must do so in writing by contacting us by email at or by post using the address provided under paragraph 14, Contact Us. Our right to cancel.
    7. We may cancel your Booking (and, acting on behalf of the Landlord, the Occupancy Agreement to which it relates) prior to the commencement date of the Occupancy Period if you have previously been an Occupant of an Apartment and have breached the terms of your Occupancy Agreement or if you breach the terms of these T&Cs, including if.
      1. you and/or any additional occupant you specify for the Apartment do not satisfy the eligibility requirements set out under paragraph 2.1; and/or
      2. you fail to make any payments that fall due under these Booking T&Cs or the Occupancy Agreement prior to the commencement of the Occupancy Period (including, if applicable, any instalment payments).
    8. We will notify you in writing of any cancellation made by us under paragraph 8.1 and the reasons for doing so.
    9. Any cancellations made under this paragraph shall apply to you and any additional occupant you specify during the Booking process.
    10. In case of a No Show booking where you fail to show up on the arrival day of your reservation, you will be charged for the total amount of your booking OR the maximum of 2 nights, as specified in Clause 8.1.
    11. Bookings made through third-party channels, including online travel agents, agents, tour operators or other websites are subject to other Cancellations and Amendments terms and conditions. You must refer to your confirmation for details.
    12. All amendments are subject to availability and the Company can not guarantee the availability or the same rates.
    1. All property belonging to guests' is solely the responsibility of the owner. CitySuites cannot be held responsible for any property lost or damaged during stays or for items left behind in an apartment and/or public areas.
    2. Any lost property that is left behind in the apartments and/or public areas will be stored for a maximum of a month (30 days). The 30 day lost property storage period will start once a request has been made and a member of the CitySuites team has successfully located the item(s). Items will be donated to charity unless claimed and collected within the 30 day period.
    3. The customer is liable for any postage costs of lost property items
    1. Unless prearranged, CitySuites will store luggage for up to seven days only.
    2. To retrieve any luggage kept at CitySuites, you will be required to show the unique luggage claim tag given to you as identification. CitySuites is authorised to deliver the property to any person presenting this ticket - without identification.
    3. CitySuites will treat any items left behind as lost property and therefore will store for a maximum of a month (30 days). Items will be given to charity unless claimed within the specified timeframe.
    4. CitySuites cannot be held responsible for our guest's belongings that are damaged or lost, either while staying at Citysuites or after the reservation has ended.
    1. A public Q-Park car park is available adjacent to the CitySuites building.
    2. When pre-booking parking, you pay on arrival. If not pre-booking, you can pay at the pay machine or park as normal and pay on arrival at CitySuites.
    3. CitySuites can provide parking passes for guests who require 24-hour access during their stay. CitySuites requires a £50 deposit for the parking pass which will be refunded when the parking pass is returned on check out.
    4. CitySuites does not accept responsibility for damage to, or theft from, or theft of parked vehicles.
    5. For further information on the car park, including pricing please contact our reservations team on
    1. CitySuites will collect any post on your request.
    2. CitySuites is not responsible for wrong information that is entered at the time of ordering, or for any delay caused by this.
    3. On the rare occasion that there is a failed delivery or collection - i.e. your parcels name did not match the name on any reservation at CitySuites, you are not residing at CitySuites at the time or delivery is made to an incorrect address then CitySuites is not responsible.
    4. CitySuites will not refund any charges caused due to parcels being rejected by CitySuites 24-hour reception team.
    1. In the event that you have, or we have reason to believe that you have, or will breach the Terms, we may terminate or suspend your registration and/or access to the Website.
    2. We reserve the right to delete your account and any personal information if there is no activity on your account for more than 24 consecutive months.
    1. We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we use your personal information.
    2. Like many online services, we use a feature called a 'cookie', which is a small data file that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device's hard drive. References in these T&Cs to ‘cookies’ also include other means of automatically accessing or storing information on your device. By using our Website, you are providing your consent for us to use cookies in the ways described in our Cookie Policy however, you may delete any of these cookies at any time if you wish. Please see our Cookie Policy for details regarding our use of cookies on this Website.
    1. You acknowledge that you may need to download and activate the third party owned software in order to access the Website and/or the Booking service. This software will be clearly identified on the Website.
    2. In order to use such third party software or technology, you may have to accept the terms of a licence agreement with that third party. You acknowledge that we have no responsibility or control over such third-party software.
    1. We promise that we will operate our Booking service with reasonable skill and care. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, we disclaim any and all other promises, warranties, conditions, or representations relating to the Booking Service, whether express, implied, oral or written. In particular, we do not make any promises about the availability of the Booking Service or the Website or that they will be provided uninterrupted or error or virus-free. We do not authorise anyone to make any promises on our behalf.
    2. We will not be responsible or liable:
      1. for Landlords’ performance of their obligations under any Occupancy Agreements or any actions and/or omissions by them in relation to the Apartment you book using the Booking Service;
      2. for any losses related to any business of yours including but not limited to lost data, profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business interruption; or
      3. if we are prevented or delayed from complying with our obligations under these Terms by anything you (or anyone acting on your behalf) does or fails to do or due to events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In such circumstances including, but not limited to, fire, flood and other acts of God, strikes, trade disputes, lockouts, restrictions of imports or exports, riot, accident, disruption to energy supplies, civil commotion, acts of terrorism or war, our inability or delay in performing our obligations will not be deemed to be in breach of contract.
      4. We promise that any representations made regarding the layout, specification and design of Apartments as well as general recreation and amenity areas in the building are made in good faith based on the information available at the time of release, however you acknowledge and accept that some details may change in accordance with final plans, approvals, supplier choices and design decisions.
        Where images of Apartments and other common building areas have been provided prior to Booking (including computer simulations), these are intended to illustrate the general standard of specification and amenity only and whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to provide accommodation which is at least comparable in general standard, any such changes to the design and specification made at our discretion shall not be considered grounds for cancellation of any Booking.
      5. There are certain liabilities which we cannot exclude by law and nothing in these Terms excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
      6. You have certain rights as a consumer. Nothing in the Terms (including these T&Cs) will reduce these legal rights. For further information about your legal rights, please contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
      7. Subject to paragraph 10.3, if either we or you fail to comply with these T&Cs, neither of us shall be responsible for any losses that the other suffers as a result, except for those losses which are a foreseeable consequence of the failure to comply with these T&Cs. Losses are foreseeable where they were contemplated by you and us at the time we accept a Booking that you have made or, in all other circumstances, at the time you accept these T&Cs.
    1. You agree that you will compensate us and any landlords in full for any damages, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) we and/or they incur that arise out of a claim brought by a third party against us/and/or they incur that arise out of a claim brought by a third party against us and/or any landlords due to breach by you of these T&Cs, including any failure by you to notify us that you no longer possess a right to reside in the UK.
    1. Right to reside in the UK. You must provide satisfactory evidence that you possess the right to reside in the UK in relation to all occupants in the apartment you have booked. You must notify us immediately if you no longer retain that right at any time during the Occupancy Period. Certificates and notices should be provided to us by email or by post using the contact details under paragraph 15, Contact Us.
    2. Written Communications. You agree to receive communications from us electronically and those electronic communications will satisfy any legal requirement for communications to be in writing.
    3. Severability. If any part of these T&Cs is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, all other parts of these T&Cs will not be affected and shall remain in force.
    4. Entire Agreement. These T&Cs and the documents referred to in them govern our relationship with you and represent our entire agreement with you.
    5. Conflict. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these T&Cs and the terms of the Occupancy Agreement, the latter will prevail to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict of inconsistency.
    6. References to “including” and other similar expressions. In these T&Cs, words that appear after the expression “include”, “including”, “other” “for example”, “such as” or “in particular” (or any similar expression) will not limit the meaning of the words appearing before such expression.
    7. Assignment. You may not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights under these T&Cs.
    8. Waiver. If you breach these T&Cs and we choose to ignore your breach, we will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies at a later date or in any other situation where you breach the T&Cs again.
    9. Exclusion of Third Party Rights. These T&Cs do not create any right enforceable by any person who is not a party to them or any contract made under them, except that the provisions of these Terms may be enforced by a Landlord subject to and in accordance with the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
    10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction. Any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these T&Cs are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England. If a dispute arises out of or in connection with these T&Cs, we will both attempt to settle it by mediation in accordance with the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR) Model Mediation Procedure. If either or both of us refuse to initiate the mediation procedure within fourteen (14) days of the dispute arising or if we both fail to agree terms of settlement within thirty (30) days of the initiation of the procedure, either of us will be free to initiate proceedings in the courts of England which will have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with such dispute.
    11. The Executive Lounge is open all day to guests staying at CitySuites. The space may be used by guests as a meeting space at any time. Food and drink consumed at the Executive Lounge must be purchased from the restaurant. We do not allow guests to bring their own food prepared by other establishments to the Executive Lounge.
    1. We may make changes to the Booking service and/or these T&Cs at any time. If we make changes to these T&Cs we will do so by sending you an email with the modified terms or by posting a copy of them on the Website. Any changes will take effect seven (7) days after the date of our email or the date on which we post the modified terms on the Website (whichever is the earlier) but shall not apply to the terms of any contracts that have been made between us prior to the date of the change. If you continue to use the Website after that period has expired, it means that you accept any such changes.
    2. Any contract that has been made under these T&Cs shall be subject to the Terms in force at the time you accepted them.
    1. If you have any general complaints or wish to request further information about the Website, please contact us via email at or by post to CitySuites, 16 Chapel Street, Salford, Manchester, M3 7NH and we will do our best to resolve these.
    1. This Website is provided and operated by City Suites Management Ltd, a company incorporated in England. Our registered office address is: City Suites Management Ltd, The Box, Horseshoe Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England SK9 7QP
    2. Our VAT registration number is 154840995. Tel number: 0161 322 2222
    1. Due to the global health crisis, to keep our guests and CitySuites employees safe, CitySuites will be doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection. At CitySuites we’ll be strictly following social distancing guidelines and the latest government advice. The health and safety of people entering our building is paramount, that’s why we are implementing the steps below to encourage social distancing. 
    2. To ensure social distancing is achieved at CitySuites, please follow the newly implemented government social distancing measures below;
      1. We’ll be operating a 2-meter social distancing rule as standard.
      2. Following government guidance, we'll be asking visitors, guests and staff on site at CitySuites to wear a facial covering in all public areas. This also means that we'll be asking guests to wear a facial mask until seated in our ground floor restaurant, Embankment Kitchen. 
      3. To help limit the number of people at the reception desk when checking in or out, it might require you to use the full lobby area or worse case stand outside during a busy period.
      4. Floor markings have been added around the reception desk to assist in safe social distancing when queuing.
      5. Signage will also be in place re-enforcing the social distancing message at the entrance of our facilities.
      6. Additionally, because we take your safety seriously
        1. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the building and in the gym.
        2. Throughout your stay, we will also be carrying out extra cleaning of communal areas and touchpoints. 
      7. If we find guests are not following the guidelines outlined and are putting other guests and employees at risk, then we will reserve the right to terminate reservation agreements. Thank you for your patience and consideration during these uncertain times.
      1. While staying at CitySuites - If a guest feels they have Covid-19 symptoms they should immediately contact the reservation team  or call on 0161 302 0202. Do not go down to the reception desk.
      2. We advise all guests should follow the latest government advice on self-isolation. If we feel a self-isolating guest is not following the government advice and they are putting other guests and CitySuites Employees at risk, then we will reserve the right to terminate reservation agreements.
      3. If the occupier needs to self-isolate within their CitySuites apartment they will still be liable for the reservation fee over their self-isolation period or we will reserve the right to terminate reservation agreements.
      4. Note - To assist any guest self-isolating within our building, the CitySuites team will assist in bringing their deliveries to their apartment door. Housekeeping services will not be carried out over this period due to safety reasons.
    1. All Occupiers acknowledge that the following general policies and procedures (as may be varied from time to time and notified to the Occupiers) form part of the general terms of any booking and that throughout the duration of occupation the occupier and any of their guests shall not under any circumstances:
    2. Tamper, force or in any way open the windows of the Building beyond their restricted opening, which have been restricted for Health and Safety purposes.
    3. Keep any animals including birds, fish, reptiles, insects or mammals in the Apartment without consent.
    4. Use or permit to be used any paraffin heaters, candles, incense sticks, oil burners or oil lamps and shall observe fire and safety precautions at all times.
    5. Wedge or jam open any fire door.
    6. Be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused by malfunction of equipment or electrical appliances owned or brought into the Building by a resident or guest.
    7. Misuse any fire alarm or fire safety appliance at the Building or tamper with or obstruct any smoke or heat detectors.
    8. Take or allow to be taken into the Apartment or the Building Common Parts any bicycles or motorcycles.
    9. Bring anything that may be dangerous, that may have a detrimental effect to other people's health and safety, or may cause damage to the Apartment or Building.
    10. Bring any illegal or controlled substances whether for the Occupier’s own use or otherwise unless prescribed by a bonafide Medical Practitioner into the premises.
    11. Do or permit to be done on the Premises anything or act whereby the insurance policy of the Building may become void or voidable or whereby the premium thereon may be increased.
    12. Set off a fire alarm without due cause, and the Occupier agrees that if the Occupier or their guest does set off a fire alarm without due cause, resulting in attendance of the emergency fire services or the evacuation of the building(s), the Occupier shall pay on written demand a reasonable sum as required by the relevant emergency service to cover any resulting costs incurred.
    13. Use or suffer the Premises to be used for any illegal purposes.
    14. Smoke any cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other tobacco products. If the Occupier or any guest of the Occupier has been found to have been smoking in the Apartment or the Building Common Parts, the Occupier agrees to pay the sum of [£986.56] to cover the costs of cleaning and returning the Apartment/Building Common Parts to the condition it was in. This amount becomes immediately due and payable on receipt by the Occupier of written notice that the Occupier or a guest of the Occupier have found to have been smoking in the Apartment or the Building Common Parts, and the Occupier agrees to pay within 7 days of receipt of an invoice for this amount.
    15. Aside from weights and other small home gym equipment, weightlifting and elliptical gym machinery should not be moved by any occupiers or guests.
    16. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied at all times around the building.
    17. All Occupiers also acknowledge and agree that they will (and will also ensure that, where appropriate, their guests will):
      1. Respond immediately if the fire alarm is sounded by following the evacuation procedure for the Building.
      2. Pay for the rectification, repair and/or replacement of any fixtures, fittings and finishings damaged by the Occupier, including the repainting of walls marked by the attachment of pictures, posters and the like and any damage, soiling or contamination caused by smoking.
      3. Allow the Company’s staff access to the Apartment after service of 24 hours’ notice, except when in emergencies, i.e. floods, fire, electrical faults and other or where the Occupier has requested any faults to be rectified or any maintenance to be carried out.
      4. Pay within 7 days of receiving an invoice any outlay, such as insurance excess and/or cost of repair/renewal as a result of any damage caused by the negligence of the Occupier or as a result of breach or non-compliance with these Rules.
      5. Pay for any supplementary electricity, water and sewerage utility services recharged to the Occupier for any non-residential or wholly unreasonable or excessive use of the utility services.
    18. All Occupiers acknowledge and agree that termination of the Occupation Agreement by written notice to the Occupier (in accordance with their statutory rights) may follow in any of the following events, whereupon the Occupier shall vacate the Apartment forthwith but shall remain liable for payment for the whole occupation period agreed in the Occupation Agreement:
      1. If the Occupier shall fail to pay any amount due under the terms of their Occupation Agreement or if the Occupier is in breach of any of the obligations contained in the Occupation Agreement
      2. If the Occupier commits any offence or behaves in a manner which causes a nuisance to other persons or endangers the Apartment, the Building Common Parts or the Building itself
      3. If the Occupier uses the Apartment for any unlawful purpose;
      4. If the Occupier uses abusive, violent and or threatening behaviour towards any other guest or any member of staff
      5. If the Occupier uses the press or any form of electronic or other media to post, note, transmit, publish or send anything which could reasonably be considered to be offensive, abusive or threatening about or to another guest, the Company or any of its staff
      6. If the Occupier becomes bankrupt.