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Tips For Exploring Manchester as a Business Traveller


Exploring the entirety of Manchester is no easy feat, and it’s not easier if you’re visiting for business purposes. But your time in Manchester shouldn’t be wasted, as this city has loads to offer for everyone - business travellers included! 



We’ve created a guide for business travellers travelling to Manchester near or far into the future. This guide is to make planning easier for companies wanting to develop a corporate itinerary in Manchester this year. 

Manchester for Business Travellers 

Manchester is full of places to explore and is set to build more buildings and areas for tourists and locals to enjoy. But what about visitors landing in Manchester for business purposes? 

Luckily, there’s plenty to do for any type of person visiting the city. 



Manchester is an ever-expanding city in the UK. And if you’re a tourist about to enter Manchester’s colossal culture scene in 2023, we’ve got a great guide to show you. 

Like any tourist, the things you can do in Manchester will depend on the type of visit you’re doing. Are you a manager that wants to take your team out on a day away? Or maybe you’re an operator meeting a client for a business lunch? Either way, you’ve chosen a great city to organise your visit. 

Where to stay in Manchester as a business traveller 

CitySuites I & II

We know that we're patting our own backs by mentioning CitySuites in our blog, but we're including our own property for a reason. 

CitySuites boasts the ultimate luxury stay - your home away from home. With corporate rates and long-term serviced accommodation in Manchester, business travellers can fully experience Manchester's energetic city life while staying lavishly at our aparthotel. 

Where to eat in Manchester as a business traveller

Embankment Kitchen 


For a restaurant that oozes sophistication and elegance, we simply can’t recommend our neighbouring bar and grill restaurant, Embankment Kitchen. 

Nothing screams fancy more than CitySuites’ exclusive restaurant and bar. Embankment Kitchen mixes tasty food with a strikingly lavish atmosphere. 

The atmosphere itself is something that should get its own section in this post. The gorgeous nature-like theme and luxury lighting make Embankment Kitchen one of the city's most famous hidden gem restaurants.

Honourable Mentions 

Peter Street Kitchen 

Peter Street Kitchen will be the best option for a chilled afternoon or evening meal. Their menu consists of a balanced selection of Japanese cuisine and Mexican dishes, a surprisingly efficient and delicious combination.

The space in Peter Street is also something worth mentioning. With contemporary marbling and high ceilings, you can expect a fully luxurious experience for a business lunch/outing. 


Tattu offers modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes, mixed with elegant decor that creates an ambient mood throughout its interiors. 

The focus on fresh ingredients results in bold flavours that make guests visit the restaurant again and again. 

Check out our favourites when it comes to the best spots in Manchester for a business lunch.

Best entertainment in Manchester for corporate days/night outs. 



Manchester has lots of team-building activities available, but there are certain companies that are worth mentioning.

Point Blank Shooting 

Point Blank Shooting is a shooting range facility based in Manchester.  Experience the thrill of shooting firearms at targets located at very close range. This is a fantastic way to spend time with your workmates as Point Blank Shooting offers fun shooting activities that will keep competition high.

Point Blank Shooting offers firearms such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Make teams with your workers and out-shoot each other in a head-to-head shooting competition. What better way to become closer than a team's day out shooting targets?

Breakout Manchester 

Looking for a fun team-building activity that will get your staff working together and thinking creatively? Look no further than Breakout Manchester!

At Breakout Manchester, we offer a thrilling and immersive live escape game experience that is perfect for corporate teams. We offer a range of different games, each with its own unique theme and set of challenges. Whether your team is solving a murder mystery, breaking out of a prison cell, or trying to stop a global catastrophe, our games are sure to test your team's mental agility and creativity.

Breakout offers a range of different game rooms to suit the diverse needs and preferences of your team. Accommodating teams of all sizes (from small groups of 2-3 people up to 6 people), our live escape games are also a great way to boost team morale and foster a sense of camaraderie. 

Flight Club 

Players can enjoy a variety of darts games, including classic games like 501 and cricket, as well as more unique games like "Snakes and Ladders" and "Flick-a-Chick" at Flight Club. The venue offers a range of food and drink options, including pizzas, cocktails, and craft beers.

Each dartboard is equipped with sensors and a digital display that tracks scores and provides feedback on each player's performance. The venue also offers a variety of interactive games and challenges, such as "Bullseye Roulette" and "Shanghai", adding an extra level of excitement. 

There are lots of places you can visit. Why not check out Manchester’s best team building activities in 2023 to give yourself inspiration?

Guide to Transportation in Manchester

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The Metrolink 

Manchester's Metrolink is a convenient and reliable way to travel around the city and its surrounding areas. With frequent services, easy-to-use ticketing, and a wide range of destinations, the Metrolink is a great choice for both locals and visitors. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the Metrolink, from planning your journey to boarding the tram.

Flexible bus routes

Manchester’s bus routes are extremely flexible, in the sense that you can go anywhere in the city (and beyond) if you know how the routes work. There are a few bus companies that run within Manchester city centre, including Stagecoach, Diamond Bus, Arriva and so on. 

Transport hires 

There are two main transport hires in Manchester that visitors can use; E-scooters and bikes. These are scattered throughout Manchester, with easy access towards hiring them by simply downloading an app. These are ideal to use if you need a way to travel around the city at your own pace. 

Want more information on transport in Manchester? Read our blog about Manchester’s transport systems to make exploration easier.

Business Resources


CitySuites’ Meeting Spaces

There are a number of meeting spaces available at CitySuites for any company that require an exclusive space. Whether you need a small area for presenting a sales pitch or an entire lounge for a company celebration, our meeting spaces are suited for you.

The meeting rooms are located on the ground floor of CitySuites II and are useful for meetings and presentations.

Conference rooms are located in CitySuites II, and are spacious areas that are useful for formal discussions and executive meetings. 

We also have the executive lounge which can hold 50 seats. This area is ideal for hosting business functions (such as celebrations for companies), located on the first floor of CitySuites I. 

Find networking events within the city

Throughout the year, there will be a host networking events available in Manchester, which is perfect for anyone looking to expand their circle and create business opportunities. As most employees know, active networking is vital for professional growth, and Manchester offers opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals. 

There are different sources where you’ll find networking events. The most reliable is Eventbrite, offering live events to both locals and visitors.

Eventbrite also allows you to search for specific cities, so it doesn't have to be in your current city. So if you're coming from London and want to find a networking event in Manchester, Eventbrite can help you find one in the city centre.

Pro Manchester's events are also an extensive selection of networking opportunities. The most useful feature of Pro Manchester is it looks specifically at hosting networking events in Manchester itself.

This means that with over 150 events every year, there are tonnes of opportunities for business travellers to connect with others.

Discover useful seminars and conferences 

You can browse Manchester's selection of seminars/conferences to expand your knowledge.

Manchester is hosting various events, from short lectures to live seminars across the year. With diverse topics such as "green technology" and cybercrime, there are lots to keep an eye on.

Corporate conventions are scattered across Manchester. Meet in Manchester is a reliable source for conferences and seminars, showcasing different events for business travellers. 

Manchester: A place to relax



Let’s be honest, a business trip can be just as stressful as a Monday morning meeting. So when you free up some time on your corporate trip, you should check out the following places to relax: 

CitySuites Hotel Pool & Gym. 

If you’re currently staying at CitySuites I or II, you should take advantage of our pool areas and gym facilities. The extended indoor and spa pool areas are perfect for winding down after a long day of conferences and meetings. Some people also look to exercising as a form of relaxation too, so why not check out our gym areas available for both CitySuites I and II guests? 

Just a few perks when staying at our luxury aparthotel! 

Relax using one of Manchester’s spa breaks.

Manchester has a host of spas available for a full day of face masks, deep tissue massages and other relaxation services. Spas are perfect for taking the stress away, and you can often book private spa sessions that can care for your needs. 

Take a walk through Manchester’s green spaces

When life gets too stressful, a walk through Manchester’s natural spaces is recommended. The area boasts a wide range of greenery, from Fletcher Moss’ Botanical Gardens to the Reddish Vale County Park. 

View Manchester’s cultural buildings 

From churches to museums, Manchester is full of culture and history that’s simply laid out for business travellers to enjoy. Learn more about Manchester’s football teams at the National Football Museum or about the city’s past at the Science & Industry Museum. Taking a day out in exploring Manchester’s cultural amenities is just another layer of relaxation you can add to your list. 

The Heart of the North: Where Business Meets Culture. 



Manchester is considered the “music capital” of the UK. But to be honest, there’s more to the city than its incredible music scene. There are facilities that show the city’s history, fashion, education, and other features that businesses will find useful (if not entertaining). 

The heart of the North has acquired its reputation through its strong tourism. The number of things that any form of visitor can do - whether you’re here for leisure OR for business purposes - is outstanding. 

Where will you go first?

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