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Manchester's Best Team Building Activities in 2023


Every business can benefit from team-building activities. Some may think it’s outdated, while most swear by its effectiveness. The truth is, it’s a fun and engaging way to create trust and collaboration between employees. 

The challenge that comes with team building is finding the appropriate activity for your company. CitySuites have listed some of the best experiences around Manchester for corporate team days.

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Photo by Cori Rodriguez 

With a variety of team-building experiences in Manchester this year in 2023, businesses can expect their employees to have a great time regardless of what activity is chosen. However, we highly recommend the events listed below for a quality experience.

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 Where in Manchester are the best places for team building? 

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Photo by Alena Darmel

Companies can benefit from a wide range of team-building activities in Manchester. While there isn’t a “best” place that businesses can expect, there are a lot of popular activities in and outside of Manchester that can be organised. It all depends on what your team is about and what you think they might like to do collectively.  

There are many options to choose from. We found 6 exciting team-building activities that we recommend to guarantee a fun and motivating team-building day. 

Creative Outdoor Team-Building Activities in Manchester

Below are our recommendations for the most creative team-building games and events outdoors.

Outdoor activities around team development help improve the team’s communication and problem-solving. Not to mention their bond over their mutual hatred towards British weather!

Scavenger Hunt

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Credit: Kar-Tr

If you want to try something outside of drinking indoors, then Manchester’s Scavenger Hunt might be the ideal team away day. This is a treasure-hunting activity that allows your team to explore Manchester (with an added competitive twist). Depending on the size of your company, your teams split into members of 6 to ensure equal performance throughout the day. 

Doing a treasure-hunt type of activity in Manchester is a great way to explore the city whilst building a

bond between your employees. Perfect for new businesses in Manchester, or companies that are outside of the city. 

Interested? Treasure Hunt Manchester is an ideal scavenger hunt company situated in Manchester! Check out their team-building event today.

Totally Wiped-Out

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Credit: Rabizo

Experience the hit BBC show “Total Wipeout” with your workmates and take part in hours of intense entertainment. Total Team Wipeout is a favourite among businesses, building high morale and team spirit across colleagues.

Like Crystal Maze, Totally Wiped-Out also divides teams into groups and presents them with challenges based on the Total Wipeout show. Finish the day with a medal ceremony to celebrate the teams' achievements 

Perfect for any company that’s looking for a fun competition, this activity will see colleagues bonding and networking with each other. Get a quote for their corporate bookings today.

It’s a Knockout

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Photo by Lê Minh

Recognised as a “brilliant bonding experience”, It’s a Knockout is an inspired activity that’s sure to leave fun memories for everyone. It’s a Knockout is (once again) inspired by BBC’s original retro TV show, It’s a Knockout. With over 20 years of experience in events management, you’ll treat your employees to an unforgettable day. 

It’s a Knockout covers a wide range of multi-team games. Each wacky challenge is filled with chaos, so prepare yourselves to take part in wet, wild, and funny activities!  

These games are commonly for large groups, around 50 to 500 people. So take your chance in booking an “It’s a Knockout” event for your company this year. 

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 Corporate Team-Building Activities Indoors in the City

Beat the cold with ideal corporate team-building activities indoors that you can find in the city. Depending on the weather, it may be ideal to think about indoor team development events.

Indoor activities do not lessen the quality of any outdoor experience. So take a look at our recommended events below.

Flight Club

Flight Club mixes competitive darts and ideal drinks in one place. This Manchester bar comes with lights that dance with the music, beautiful murals, engaging songs and friendly staff.  

The number one attraction of Flight Club is its playing areas and semi-private areas. This is where companies can take advantage of the bar, hiring private booths and play areas for your employees to enjoy. With 14 oche areas for darts, Flight Club is perfect for get-togethers of up to 340 people.

Book an event at Flight Club today for your team.

Crystal Maze Challenge


Credit: LuckyBusiness

Manchester’s Crystal Maze is a fun and engaging activity where your colleagues can bond together. This full-day event will see participants compete in physical and mental tasks, split into groups to ensure fierce competition! 

Co-workers can battle it out in various exciting challenges across diverse zones. These challenges will test mental, physical and creative skills. Earn points and finish the day with a fun medal ceremony that will reward the victorious group for their win. 

 A fun and competitive activity for everyone. Book a corporate hire from The Crystal Maze today.

Cocktail-Making Experience 


Indulge in cocktail-making with various cocktail classes that you can find in Manchester. This experience is perfect for building your team’s morale, allowing them to spice up their creativity by mixing cocktails.  

The Team Building Company has their own cocktail-making event that can visit your location. They then turn any room in your venue into a cocktail bar. Your team will be taught how to mix drinks, highlight the best combinations, and create amazing cocktails. 

The combination of team building and cocktail-making creates a fun day or night out with your colleagues. You are also given the chance to go head to head with each other in creating the best cocktail they can.  

You can request a visit from The Team Building Company.

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Why Team-Building Activities are Important 

Team-building exercises help your team perform and excel together. Organising these activities frequently can help team development. Advantages include improved employee communication, trust, and cooperation, which we're sure every business wants to find in their constructed teams. 

Team building delivers the training and resources your employees need to work effectively with each other. Consistent team away days ensure your team will be likely in sync. To help your employees with their teamwork in their job, consider a team development day!

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