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Manchester Marathon 2023: Everything You Need To Know


Lace up your trainers, fill up your bottle and do some stretches; the Adidas Manchester Marathon is coming this 16th April, 2023! 

In this event, local and international participants gather to test their endurance and push their limits. In a race that has become a highlight of the city's sporting calendar, the marathon will see runners compete in a tailored course around Manchester.

You can fully tailor your fitness regime while staying with us too. With gyms available at our accommodation, you can absorb the full benefits of aparthotel gyms before a marathon.


Not here to run? Don't worry, spectators have plenty of reasons to get excited about this event, too. Manchester's electric atmosphere and breathtaking scenery will make sure the day is an unforgettable one. In this blog post, we'll give you all the information you need about the race, from the course route to the best places to watch.

An Overview of Manchester's Marathon 

There are two main marathon events that will take place in Manchester this year (2023). At the moment, we only have information regarding the marathon happening in April - the Adidas Manchester Marathon.


Adidas Manchester Marathon

The Adidas Manchester Marathon is one of the UK's main running events this year. The event attracts thousands of runners each time it takes place, and countless spectators come to support all participants of the marathon. 

Everyone involved in the marathon will pass through Manchester's iconic landmarks (such as Old Trafford), and spectators can expect to watch from these well-known areas too. It's a great opportunity for runners to challenge themselves in one of the UK's energetic cities, as well as provide charitable donations. 

When Is The Adidas Manchester Marathon? 

The Adidas Manchester Marathon is going to take place on 16th April, 2023, Sunday.

At the moment, the Adidas Manchester Marathon is in the process of confirming activity points. Once they provide updates on this, we will inform the starting point via this post and other platforms! 

Road Closures

So far, road closures surrounding this event are subject to change - but as of now, there are some areas that are expected to close. According to the full route's information leaflet, the following routes will be closed during the marathon: 

The A56 Southbound

3 am to 4 pm: Deansgate Interchange to Edge Lane

7:30 am to 7:30 pm: Edge Lane to Ashfield Road (one lane open to access M60 from Green Street)

7:30 am to 4 pm: Ashfield Road to Stamford Brook Road

The A56 Northbound 

3 am to 7:30 pm: Barton Road to Edge Lane 

6:30 am to 4 pm: White City Circle to A5014 Chester Road 

3 am to 4 pm: Edge Lane to White City Circle 

7:30 am to 4 pm: Stamford Brook Road to Barton Road

7:30 am to 2 pm: A5014 to Deansgate Interchange

The full view of the map closure can be found on their website.

Manchester Half Marathon

When is it going to take place? 

16th October, 2023, Sunday

There is no updated map or route yet on their main website, nor is there any speculation on where the route will be for the Manchester half marathon. Once they provide updates on this, we will display the starting point via this post and other platforms at CitySuites! 

Important Notes For Spectators


For those who are supporting all runners participating in the marathon, there are some things you'll need to know to make sure you have an easier time encouraging whoever you want to support. 

Parking, for example, should be considered. There will likely be lots of roadblocks and limited access to specific areas in the city. With this in mind, it's best to keep an eye on what roads will be closed off to ensure that you can reach the ideal parking space to spectate the whole marathon. 

There are a few car parks in the city centre to check are:

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens Car Park (M1 3AY)

Manchester Deansgate Car Park (M3 1AZ) 

Manchester Arndale Car Park (M4 1AZ)

NCP Car Park (Piccadilly Plaza) (M1 4AJ)

What can you expect as a spectator? 

If you're a spectator, you will join hundreds of other watchers showing their support to the large group of runners competing in the marathon. 

Runners participating in this event will most likely experience a range of emotions, from thrills to exhaustion and determination. Some may run towards the finish line easily, while others might struggle. Whatever the case, encouragement from the crowd will be needed! 


The marathons in Manchester will shout a festive atmosphere, from cheering crowds to possible music and entertainment across the course. It will be a passionate and inspiring event, witnessing the runners as they see their hard work training for the marathon pay off.

What can I do before and after the marathon? 

If you're looking to stay in Manchester even before and/or after, there are lots of options you can do to keep yourself and whoever you're with occupied. 


You can pick from a good range of cinema venues, for example. You have the Odeon Cinema situated in Deansgate, and you also have the Vue at Printworks. Both are great venues and show various movies and theatre shows on screen.

If you want to book something fun, Manchester has absolutely loads of niche bars and pubs to choose from. Pixel bar, for example, is a great place for games - where you can book seats with your friends and compete in a selection of old and newer console games. 

There are tonnes to do, so if you need help planning your trip, why not check out our sample family itinerary for Manchester in April? 


Why should you stay in Manchester overnight? 

You've probably heard that Manchester is a city with bustling nightlife, and you heard right. Manchester changes into an entirely new character during the night, with lots of ways for you to spend your night. From colourful bars and energetic clubs to historical clubs and landmarks, the city has diverse options to ensure your overnight stay is worth it. 

Staying at CitySuites!


So you've decided you wanted to stay in Manchester either the day before the marathon, the day after, or maybe you're even considering an extended stay. Let us convince you in staying at one of Manchester's best luxury aparthotel; CitySuites! (Which you can book directly for the best price)

Facilities for fitness

CitySuites have gyms and pool areas available for every stay. Our exclusive fitness and leisure facilities are located at both CitySuites I and CitySuites II, and come with any stay. 


Runners can fit in a quick or lengthy exercise regime before their run at either the gyms or our featured pool areas.

So, regardless of whether you're participating in the upcoming marathon, or you're simply looking to support a friend or family member, staying at CitySuites is the ideal accommodation.

Two incredible food venues 

CitySuites has two food places people can visit before, during or even after the marathon. 

Firstly, we have Embankment Kitchen. This bar & grill restaurant delivers a wide range of grilled dishes for breakfast and dinner, with an extensive drinks menu that includes cocktails, wines and beers. 




Embankment Kitchen recently created a new menu in February 2023; and is set to create monthly specials. So don't miss out!  

Second, our lovely Embankment Cafe Co. is located right next to our extended building CitySuites II. Our on-site cafe, offers elegantly-made goods, from baked treats, warm drinks, and healthy smoothies. Everything you need while you watch (or join) the marathon this year! 

Luxury stay at a relaxed, serviced-apartment

Fully enhance your visit in Manchester this April with a deluxe stay at one of the city's most popular apart-hotels, CitySuites! 

Your stay will include everything from the ideal location and access to luxury fitness and leisure areas, to options for breakfast and close proximity to other food venues. 

For Those Visiting Manchester For The Marathon...

There are plenty of things happening around this time in conjunction with the marathon event. 

Every year, the electricity surrounding the event is undeniable. Everyone is energetic in supporting the runners, regardless of whether they know them or not. So attending this event is absolutely recommended to show support for those participating. 

While the energy is clear, it's more important to understand the possible limitations for spectators in this event. Road closures, high-likelihood of traffic, and parking spaces are some things you need to consider when looking to watch the marathon live in the city. 

But, don't let the planning stop you! We can vouch for the excitement felt during this event, and for anyone looking to support (and possibly stay during the weekend), what the city has to offer - and what CitySuites can provide - will enhance your visit in diverse ways. 

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