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Networking Opportunities In Manchester (2023)


The importance of networking has long been established. The value of connections within any industry improves your social status in a business you work in and helps you develop the skills you need to succeed. 


Networking is a fundamental part of business growth, and Manchester is an ideal location to expand your connections. 

This year in 2023, there have been lots of fantastic networking events for various industries. Marketing, hospitality and technology are just some industries that have (and will continue to) hold events for connecting and establishing professional relationships. 

Networking Events and Conferences In Manchester

Below are some of the highlighted meetings for professionals happening in the city in 2023.

*Please remember that these events are happening in 2023 only, so dates will vary and may have passed depending on when you visit this post! 


Marketing Meetup IRL - July 11

Price: Donation-based (minimum of £1) 

This event is an informal community event for marketers in Manchester. Meet and learn with one another as you would in a networking event with a special list of guest speakers that will spark up new ideas for those going into (or are currently into) marketing. 

With open drinks, talks and relationship-building among all attendants, TMM is an exciting event to look forward to for marketers. 

Get your tickets through Eventbrite.

MBH Manchester Business Networking Event - July 19 

Price: Free

A free and exclusive event for business leaders, MBH's Business Networking Event is a colossal date for entrepreneurs, owners, influencers and others who want to develop their business network. 

The day will have plenty of opportunities for creating professional connections across various businesses nationwide. 

Acquire tickets through Eventbrite.

6 Strategies To Easily Grow Your Business - August 7 

Price: £29 

This limited event is both educational and helpful for networking. The agenda for this event covers a variety of topics, including acquirement of profit, self-improvement, and sales tactics. 

Meet like-minded individuals who are keen on vastly improving their business turnover. 

Get your tickets here.

BITA Manchester Social Networking Evening - September 21 (Monthly)

Price: Free

This evening targets the construction industry, and every employee under the banner. Attend and meet other members of BITA (as well as non-members) and connect with individuals within the same field. 

Reserve a spot through Eventbrite

Manchester Coffee & Coworking For Businesswomen - September 22 

Price: £0 to £32.54 (depending on the ticket)

For women in business and coffee lovers, the Coffee & Coworking space is perfect for those who want a casual morning of co-working. 

No fees are charged for the ticket, but make sure you pre-book the event! 

Book tickets for Coffee & Coworking

North West Business Expo 2023 - October 6

An annual event that delivers great opportunities for businesses within the North West region. 

The North West Business Expo (2023) is the ideal networking experience for those looking to promote their brand, generate new leads and create new corporate relationships. 

Get tickets through Eventbrite today

Female Business Festival - October 20

Price: £0 - £225 

The Female Business Festival will make its way to Manchester this October by popular demand. This event is friendly, fun yet professional in delivery, with an excellent line-up of expert speakers for attendees. 

Covering essential topics such as digital marketing, PR and social media, the Female Business Festival is set to be an incredible event for like-minded individuals.

Choose your tickets here

Manchester Job Fair - November 13

Price: Free (Online)

For those currently unemployed or looking for new opportunities, the Manchester Job Fair is set for November 2023. You can save time and energy in finding a job while expanding your business network within whichever industry you want to work for. 

All you need to do is reserve your spot! 

Join the Virtual Job Fair

More Free Business Networking In The City

If you're struggling with a budget, there are plenty of networking events available for free happening this year. 


Net Zero Solutions Forum 

For members of the UK Green Building Council only! 

The Net Zero Solutions Forum delivers a space where discussions regarding the solutions and challenges of achieving Net Zero are present. 

Reserve a spot

Manchester Language Exchange 

If your business is looking at expanding internationally, then the Manchester Language Exchange is a great meetup event to look forward to. 

Practice new languages while also sharing your own. It's also a great way to develop your existing business relationship. 

Learn more about the event

Networking Tips and Best Practices

To maximise your time during a networking event, take a look at some of the best tips we've found below. 

Communicate your value - listen to other's value

Being able to market yourself is a fantastic skill for a variety of reasons. When you're looking for a job, presenting your product or simply establishing a connection, communicating your value to people you want to meet is especially important. 

It's an equally important skill to listen to others, too. 

When you're at a networking event, be prepared to listen to other people and what they have to offer. Not only is it respectful you'll also likely learn more about the field you're going into (or other industries depending on the capacity of the event). 

Follow up on any connections 

If you remember any names, acquired any business cards or attended any small presentations, make sure to follow up on them. 

If you've made an incredible impression with any connections you've met at a networking event, it's only right to keep in touch - it allows you to be a part of their business circle. Meaning that if an opportunity comes up, you're a potential connection to contact.

Run a conversation well 

The point of networking is to make meaningful connections as opposed to a large number of connections. 

Meeting lots of people is good, but it's pointless if those connections aren't fully established. 

One way of creating great connections is running a conversation effectively. This means asking questions, being present, and exiting the conversation professionally.

Leverage your digital presence 

If you have LinkedIn, Twitter, any blogs or other social media platforms dedicated to your business presence, market your digital profiles to others. 

It's no surprise that nearly everyone has at least one online medium to represent their personal brand. Maintaining your profile on these sites will keep your connections up to date with what you are doing, and is a great way to ensure your connections know your skillset.

Remember to be kind, respectful and professional

Impressions matter, and being respectful of everyone's time (while demonstrating your own value) will ensure that you'll be remembered after the event. 

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