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Sustainable Travel Statistics (2023)


Sustainable travel is the concept of implementing ways to lessen the economic, social and environmental impact of tourism - while also addressing the requirements of visitors and the industry as a whole. 

The idea of sustainable travel and tourism was underlined in 1988 by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to reduce the means of environmental risks during travel. Since its introduction, the concept has seen a rise in search since 2015, with an uphill climb starting in 2017 (according to Google Trends).

Every year, sustainable tourism seems to be increasing. Using case studies and data created by trusted sources, we developed an infographic to fully comprehend the importance of eco-friendly travel from the perspective of consumers.

How Is Sustainability Seen In 2023?


Lots of data do suggest that eco-friendly tourism is moving positively, with both tourists and businesses positioning themselves as interested in becoming more sustainable (travellers finding ways to be more environmental, and businesses changing their commercial features to be more environmental). 

An Analysis On The Data 


There's plenty of evidence that tourism is moving - or at the very least, implementing - heavily into greener alternatives. 

From the perspective of travellers, an important percentage of people are "unaware" or lack the knowledge to travel sustainably. Below are some of the fundamental ways tourists can become more eco-friendly when travelling for a holiday. 

Travelling Sustainably: A Quick Guide


The variety of ways you can be an environmental tourist exceeds the content found in the infographic. 

Particularly, finding a suitable accommodation that actively attempts to be a figure for sustainability within the industry (like CitySuites and our environmental efforts) has become an ever-important factor for tourists around the world.

Eco-friendly tourism is not a new concept by any means, but the idea has recently seen an upwards trend in various forms. We've yet to see whether this rise will continue its path by 2024 - but we will keep our eyes on what people are looking for! 


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