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What is a workation and how can you make the most of working from anywhere?


Travelling while working. Working while travelling. Sounds like the dream situation, right?

Although it isn’t a new concept, the “workation” has increased in popularity since the start of the pandemic, or at the very least, the idea of it has – see the Google search trend below. With so many of us continuing to work from home after lockdown has ended, it’s no surprise that the notion that we could be working anywhere with good WiFi has grown. But what exactly is the different between a workation and just working remotely?

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What is a workation?

Work + vacation = workation. It’s the combination of business and leisure

When so much of our lives is tied up with work, the idea of being able to do our jobs in a buzzy new city or beautiful, tranquil beach resort sounds so much more appealing than regular 9-to-5 office life. But in practice, does the concept work?

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, many people found that the lines between life and work blurred, with UK workers reporting an increase in their working week by almost 25% (according to this study). Surely the same is possible with a workation? If you’re having to work extra hours, that will limit how much spare time you have to explore a new place.

In that case, if you're thinking about taking a workation, it’s important to set boundaries to ensure you get the most out of it from all angles. Giving yourself a work schedule and planning activities around it will mean you can get the most out of the destination you’re visiting.

Read on for more tips on how to make the most of your workation!

7 tips on how to make the most of your workation

1. Make sure your accommodation is workation friendly

Is there free WiFi? How good is the WiFi? Is there a communal space you can work in? Is there a café or shop across the road where you can grab some lunch? Are the windows big enough so that you can see daylight or a nice view while you’re working so that you don’t feel stuck in a box?

Embankment Cafe Citysuites Table For Laptops

These are some important questions you should ask yourself before booking your lodging for your workation. Our two luxury aparthotels in Manchester also have several public work-friendly areas where you can take your laptop and escape your room. Not to mention we have just opened Embankment Cafe Co., a light and modern space with incredible coffee, comfy seating and plug sockets. Plus, being so close to the city centre (just a 5-minute walk to Exchange Square and the Arndale shopping centre) means you won’t be far away from anything you need.

2. Find a room or apartment you can work in

Once you’ve settled on your destination, it’s time to find the perfect place to stay. As well as asking all the questions above, you might find it better to hit two birds with one stone and find an apartment you can work in with extra space, a table or desk, and a decent kitchen and/or coffee machine.

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There is a growing trend and demand for aparthotels, which offer apartments with hotel service, including concierge and room cleaning. At CitySuites, our luxury serviced apartments have room to live and work with a fully fitted kitchen and separate living area and bedroom. Every apartment also comes with a Nespresso machine to keep you nicely caffeinated and free ultrafast WiFi. 

Plus you will be able to enjoy our luxury facilities, including spa pool and 24hr gym, as part of your stay.

3. Plan around your work

To make the most of your workation, it would be wise to plan all your recreational stuff around your work so that you schedule is watertight. Start by creating a to-do list of your work with estimations of how long certain tasks should take. Then, you can think about what kind of fun activities you want to do, places to visit, restaurants to eat at, etc. Depending on opening times or when activities are available, you can schedule your work around pleasure, so that you have a nice balance of the two!

While doing this, it would be good to schedule in some “free time” where you have nothing planned, just in case one of your work tasks is particularly difficult or you come across a cool bar that you want to check out.

4. Put in the hours before your arrival

Saying that, even though it’s good to plan which work tasks you want to do and when, try and get as much done as possible before arriving. Your future self will appreciate any extra effort you can make before your trip, especially if it means a couple of extra hours on the beach or being able to enjoy one more cocktail at that fancy bar.

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5. Pack all your tools

The other bit of prep you should do before your trip is making sure you have everything that you need for your trip, like your laptop or tablet, notebook, pen, maybe a HDMI or ethernet cable, depending what you’ll be doing while away. If you’re going to be based in a city centre like Manchester then anything forgotten won’t be too much of an issue. But if you’re heading somewhere more remote, then taking time to ensure you’ve got all your tools will help prevent any future headaches over forgotten items.

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6. Establish a workspace

Armed with all the tools you need for your workation, upon arrival find a designated spot to be your workstation. Establishing the ritual of “going to work” by sitting in the same spot during your work hours will help you to focus and concentrate during your work hours. But while it’s good to create a workspace haven, take the time to close it all down when you’re finished to help your brain switch off from the working day.

7. Have fun!

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! Your workation shouldn’t all be work and no vacation, so shake off the guilt and make the most of your new surroundings. Enjoy being in a different environment, especially if your accommodation feels like a home away from home. At CitySuites, we have luxury facilities for all guests to enjoy, including a spa pool and 24hr gym. Every room also has Sky Premium so you can kick back and enjoy a film, series, or the sport, just as you would at home.

CitySuites and CitySuites II Aparthotels offer luxury serviced accommodation in the heart of Manchester city centre. If you're interested in booking a stay with us, you can make the most of your stay with our special offers here, or you can get in touch directly with our Reservations Team to find out more about how we can facilitate your workation in Manchester. 

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