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Welcome to the ultimate luxury suite. Combining warmth and elegance, our SuperSuites create an incomparable experience for our most discerning guests.


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Welcome to our SuperSuites

Our SuperSuites is the pinnacle of luxury living in Manchester. Step into the lavish penthouse suite and witness a perfect blend of style, functionality and refined atmosphere. 

Top penthouse suite in Manchester

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Carefully fitted art pieces adorn the walls of our SuperSuites, chosen by our interior designer to suit the atmosphere. High-tech mirrors on all bathrooms, combined with carpeted floors and spacious wardrobes show sophistication, modernity and comfort for guests. Want a better look? Tour our SuperSuites virtually today.

SuperSuites features

  • Carpeted floors
  • Soothing colour palette
  • Digital mirrors
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Terms and conditions

You can only book our SuperSuites directly via our sales team. Minimum length of stay applies.
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Enjoy a panoramic view of Manchester at the SuperSuites balcony

With astonishing panoramic city skyline views, this penthouse suite offers a mesmerizing backdrop during your stay, overlooking the Manchester city centre.

Unmatched elegance at SuperSuites

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Step into your expansive living room adorned with plush furnishings, fine art, and intricate décor that exude sophistication and style. 

  • The perfect escape
  • Unparalleled views
  • A stunning sky-high suite
Steam Room
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Exclusive amenities

Located in CitySuites II, our SuperSuites offer deluxe hotel amenities included in your stay. Explore our bespoke gyms and pool areas in CitySuites II to enhance your stay.

CitySuites Facilities
Embankment Cafe Citysuites Counter For Ordering
Embankment Cafe Citysuites Table For Laptops

Embankment Cafe

Indulge in a delicious and healthy selection of hot drinks, smoothies and foods at Embankment Cafe.

Visit Embankment Cafe

Redefined luxury with SuperSuites' amenities

Our commitment to your comfort extends beyond your suite. We offer diverse features within our SuperSuites to ensure you experience the pinnacle of lavish living.


Mixing style & comfort

Indulge in complete tranquil living. Premium home furniture and a secure suite mean less worries when staying at our SuperSuites.

  • Plush carpeted bedrooms
  • Quality furniture for maximum comfort
  • A highly secure penthouse suite

"Home" features

Feel right at home with SuperSuites - the addition of weekly cleaning and quality home features ensure your stay feels complete.

  • Weekly Clean
  • Washer & dryer
  • Shower room

Premium technology

Get the most of SuperSuites' exclusive home appliances. Enhance your stay with high-profile brands and electronics.

  • Elite appliances by Bang & Olufsen
  • Quality cinema room & surround-sound system
  • Built-in lighting in bathroom mirrors
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Exclusive access

Live with prestige in the SuperSuites penthouse. Capture the feeling of exclusivity with unparalleled views, premium art and a private lift.

  • Private lift-entrance
  • Breathtaking views of Manchester
  • Top-of-the-line artwork and decoration

A standout to other top-floor suites in Manchester - discover more of our SuperSuites

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